“People don’t read!”

This is an oft heard complaint.

Why bother with professional writing if no one will read it?

The problem is that the reason people don’t read is because what’s in front of them hasn’t been written by a professional writer!

Today, more than ever, professional writing is absolutely essential to the success of your business. That is because good writing for your business is now required in more formats than ever before.

The text that sells your story in a printed brochure will not be identical to the language and style used on your website. Each has separate audiences with different expectations and reader attention spans.

And the way in which you convey your thoughts in a Facebook status update is quite different than the wording you’d use in LinkedIn or that clipped 140-character tweet generated from your Twitter account.

Own Your Words

Long before I began writing for my clients I was writing for my bosses. Little has changed in how I approach a writing assignment over the past two decades.

I pay close attention to your speaking style and use of vocabulary. Do you lace your conversations with metaphors or cut to the chase with little use of adjectives and other descriptors?

If I get it wrong, what I write for you won’t sound right. (He he!)

I write as a ghostwriter: Every word must sound like it came from you, including sentence cadence and style.

When the words are right you’ll be certain you wrote them yourself–but better! You own them.

Not sure yet?

We use to joke about my “stuffing words in his mouth”–so accurate was my ability to ‘sound’ exactly like him with my written words. Here’s what my old boss had to say:

Marcia’s creativity, attention to detail, and organization skills have been a huge benefit to both California Closets and Organizers Direct over the years.  I would highly recommend Marcia to anyone needing effective copywriting and/or a cohesive, successful marketing campaign.  She is a skilled writer and a pleasure to work with.

Neil Balter

Owner, Organizers Direct

Original Founder, California Closets

Writing Products

These days an enormous amount of professional writing is produced online. It may begin with coming up with the most appropriate domain names to drive the most traffic to your website to writing tweets, blogs and e-newsletters.

Here are some of the writing products we compose for our clients:

Writing Products Table

Not sure where to start? Read more in Our Process to learn how we work, and look over our Capabilities to find out what you can expect from us.