“Woof! Woof! Woof!”

This may be one of the most enthusiast patient referrals ever given. But unfortunately, as Rich Lee, co-owner of Arroyo Veterinary Hospital in Sonoma, Calif., likes to point out, “Pets don’t talk!” So we’ll never know if that was, “Arroyo Vet is great!” or “Let me at that postman!”

Thus, the need for a way to market excellent veterinary services is stronger than ever.

Our pets may be referring their dog and cat friends to a great veterinarian who cared for them with compassion and attention to detail, but it takes people-power to spread the word to the other pet owners of the world about great services.

Therefore, in this episode of “Marcia’s Medleys,” I talked with Arroyo co-owners, Dr. Rhonda Stallings and Rich Lee, about their practice and how they market it to Sonoma residents.

What makes Arroyo Veterinary Hospital unique in Sonoma

Dr. Stallings revealed a number of important health care tips for pet owners throughout the discussion, while Rich Lee described various marketing strategies the hospital employs to attract new pet owners. Key topics included the importance of AAHA (American Animal Hospital Association) accreditation, which provides ethical and health care standards of requirement for the pet health care industry, as well as discussion of current health problems affecting pets during the drought.

KSVY 91.3FM LogoSo how do you generate a steady stream of referrals since our pets can’t talk? It starts with exemplary pet health care services. But there’s a strategy to using a variety of marketing tools to reach the greatest audience.

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Time Topic
1:45 Introduction: Dr. Rhonda Stallings, Arroyo Veterinary Hospital
4:00 Introduction: Rich Lee, Arroyo Veterinary Hospital
7:35 The four specialties of Arroyo Veterinary Hospital
9:05 Dr. Stallings on the importance of having AAHA Accreditation
9:40 Dr. Stallings on AAHA’s requirement for dental x-rays for patients
12:45 Dr. Stallings on the inadequacies and health dangers of dental care and cleaning without anesthesia for dogs and cats
16:12 Everybody Loves Somebody (Dean Martin)
20:30 Rich Lee on Arroyo’s unique marketing strategy
23:40 Dr. Stallings on unique health safety requirements Arroyo meets under AAHA standards – separate air system for surgical areas, onsite ultrasound for diagnostics
27:00 Baby, Won’t You Please Come Home (Dean Martin)
29:20 The importance of microchipping your pets.
32:35 How fleas are affecting pets during the drought
35:00 Dr. Stalling on vaccinating for Leptospirosis in dogs during the drought
38:45 SPONSOR: Rick Bolen, Rick Bolen Photography
44:30 Dr. Stallings and Rich Lee discuss how foxtails are affecting dogs this season and the dangers posed by foxtails.
47:30 Rich Lee on key marketing strategy such as the practice’s monthly clinics
49:30 Other marketing strategies for the practice, including newsletters, social media and more…
50:31 Facebook tip on ensuring your posts are seen by fans
52:03 Dream (Dean Martin)