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The economic downturn has not exactly been the easiest thing in the world from which to rebound.

Some of us have businesses that have continued to chug along nicely in these challenging times. Many of us have scrambled to revamp our businesses, in search of new markets when our old ones up and vanished.

If you’re still wondering, ‘What happened?’ or ‘Where do I find new leads and sales?’ you’re not alone!

I’m offering a FREE white paper, “Where Did My Target Market Go?” for you to download in order to help you get back on track to finding new leads and making more sales. In this 9-page paper, you will learn:

  • What steps to take to find and reach your new target market.
  • The one key difference between businesses that merely survived the economic recession and those that thrived.
  • How customers’ shifting priorities within the Golden Triangle affects your business and their buying decisions.
  • How to analyze the 6 Human Needs to understand your customers’ true buying motivators.
  • How to apply your customers’ buying triggers to craft highly effective marketing messages that will pull in new ideal clients.
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Are you frustrated that you’ve been trying all kinds of marketing tactics but none seem to work? Does it feel like you’ve been ‘spraying and praying’ ― that your mailings, ads and Facebook offers are falling short of delivering the sales you need?

  • Learn simple tactics to help focus on what makes your customers happy.
  • Find out if you’ve been touting ‘key benefits’ that are no longer as important to your client base as they once were.
  • Learn to uncover and understand the true buying motivators driving your best clients to buy from you over and over.
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The FREE download is just a tiny piece from my upcoming training course, Magnetic Marketing, the Secrets to Consistently Attracting Your Ideal Clients in a New Economy, launching in mid-April here in Napa.  (Sorry, to the out-of-towners, but you can still download the paper.)

I’m sharing excerpts from the course to help everyone’s businesses thrive – no matter where you are!

Happy Sales!

Marketing Tips & Tidbits

Research shows that companies with a marketing plan experience a 24-30% improvement in sales over those without. What would you do with that increased revenue?

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Did you know the subject line “You Are Not Alone” has a 90% open rate? We humans crave company.

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Add one new name to your list of prospects to contact today. Every little bit gets you a step closer to greater success with your business!