Website Design Portfolio

Website Design Portfolio

Website design and development services encompass a wide array of skills, including graphic design, web programming, copywriting, search engine optimization and more.

The design of websites has changed dramatically within the past few years, particularly with increased usage of smartphones and other devices, and will continue to evolve rapidly with the advent of AI technologies.

Click on any of the general website design and development components listed below to view more information about our services. Or, click on the example images from the Cornucopia portfolio of client website projects.

Do you have a certain look, feel, or brand styling elements you want to match to other marketing materials? We can do that. And if you haven’t yet established them, we can also help translate your ideas into a visual brand to use across multiple platforms.

Perhaps you also have ideas on the initial impact you want to make on your site visitors. This may be a showcase of your products or services or a series of “funnel” questions to draw them into your website.

Let us know your dreams and desires for your brand and new website, whether it’s for a new business and site or for a complete makeover and upgrade from your old website.

Content Management System (CMS), Content Interaction Management (CIM), Website Building Platform (WBP) – there are so many acronyms to learn! What type of content will be shared on this website? Who will manage it? Who will provide it? Who will host the content? I’ve mixed together concepts. But the bottom line is: There are lots of decisions to be made about the best platform for your needs. Let’s discuss the options.

Are you selling goods or services online? Whether it’s goods to be shipped or downloadable products, we can help accelerate your business to sell more. There are different solutions for selling 3 products or 3,000. Let us know your sales goals.

A very unsexy term, but the mechanics of website design encompasses a wide range functions. Responsive design dictates a website must work equally well on various devices, from smartphones to desktops. Further, users may be viewing the site on a wide array of browsers, from Chrome to Safari, Edge and more. In short, your website must work well under a lot of different conditions.

Ensuring only authorized users have access to your website is a key component to maintaining your site in top condition. We include several layers of security (and advice) so that you can sleep well at night knowing your site is fully protected.

What pages are top performers (and which ones aren’t)? How do you site visitors interact with your content? How many visitors are you receiving and is your visitor count increasing over time? Bottom line: What good is your site if you don’t know if it’s working???

Search Engine Optimization is the tool to get your website seen. When a prospect is doing a Google search for “ZYZ services near me,” is your website coming up near the top in the results? We can help. Let’s discuss how critical this tool is for your business.

Integrations may include everything from a newsletter signup (e.g. Mailchimp), to a 3rd party ecommerce system, as well as social media platforms, video or podcast feeds. This may also include connectivity to apps, shipping accounts, Google Merchant Center, Amazon and more. What does your site need to be integrated with?

Performance begins with reliable backup systems, for which we always recommend having at least 2 independent systems. Performance also means speed. Who wants to wait for a slow website to load? Nobody. These days there are a wide variety of configurations and products to aid in accelerating your site’s speed performance. Additionally, there are now legal requirements to meet ADA compliance requirements, privacy laws and more. Ask us for help!

Click on any image below to either jump to the client’s live website to explore on your own or read the case study.


Laptop with HipMaps website on screen


Laptop with BobbieJonas website on screen

Monitor with Napa Valley Vets website



Monitor on desk with CharlotteHartforFashion website on screen

Monitor with Lecce-Chong Artist website on screen

Highest Ground Institute website on laptop screen

Ventisquero Wine Club website on laptop screen

Success Strategies website on laptop screen

California Wine Services website on laptop screen

Stone Barn Farm website on Desktop screen

Leone Wine Tours website on laptop screen

Hide House website on laptop screen

Stately Construction website on laptop screen

Meadowlark Vineyards website on laptop screen

Green Giant Landscape Design website on laptop screen

Olives Unlimited website on desktop monitor