Bill Welch’s Northern Lights Electric has been turning on the power for Sonoma homes and businesses for forty years. He didn’t start in Sonoma, but a few wayward sheep did change the trajectory of things along the way. (More on that later.)

With a long family history as electricians (and his son currently running with the torch in the family business), Bill Welch described the growth of his business. From staking out construction sites, inevitably in need of electrical services, to using service calls to propel new opportunities.

These days Bill fits his electrical work around harvest. He’d set aside the next day after the show to pick his Chardonnay instead of working electrical jobs. (Harvest can’t wait!) But having the luxury to focus first (for now) on growing his grapes took root in years of experience in developing strong connections with other tradespeople.

Partnering with Non-Competitive Tradesmen

In this episode of “Marcia’s Medleys,” Bill Welch discusses how he grew his business decades earlier into the referral-business-only entity it is today. In the replay, listen in to learn:

  • How received payment in sheep altered the direction of his career
  • Using electrical service calls to generate new installation business and larger jobs
  • How BNI has grown his business, beginning with the economic downturn
  • The value in having a power team of other tradesmen has made possible Bill’s ability to give many more businesses revenue-generated referrals
  • Bill’s advice for those starting new businesses in Sonoma
  • Tips and tricks for electrical safety in your home and during the expected rainy season

Just click on the Play button above to hear Bill’s story, and/or use the timetable to jump from topic to topic to light the way to business success in Sonoma. Oh, and the sheep? It’s funny how a minor incident (getting paid in sheep) can change the direction of your life. Bill needed a place for them to graze, so he stayed in Sonoma.