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Here are a dozen quick tips to ensure your product or services brochure has everything you need, everything your prospects want, and makes it a breeze to close the sale:
~ 1 ~
Determine your specific target market you aim to sell to with this brochure before any other considerations.
~ 2 ~
Create a plan to distribute your brochure in person, online, email, snail mail or carrier pidgeon.
~ 3 ~
ALWAYS Show how you solve the customer’s problem up front.
~ 4 ~
Your brochure is about your customer – not about you!
~ 5 ~
Use fabulous visuals to convey your company’s essence.
~ 6 ~
Put your best product photo on the cover.
~ 7 ~
Use text sparingly. Eliminate repetition.
~ 8 ~
If the brochure will be in use for six months to a year, eliminate time-sensitive text (product prices and details. They can get that on your website.)
~ 9 ~
Use bullets to make it easy to read your products and services list.
~ 10 ~
Include testimonials to build credibility.
~ 11 ~
For small businesses include a photo and bio of the owner to humanize the business.
~ 12 ~
Include key contact information in multiple places: website, phone, fax, email, mailing address.