Thank Yous… Appreciation…

We have the most appreciative clients. Many have offered their commendations and excitement for the projects we’ve completed below. If you would like to know more about a particular comment or project cited below (or on these pages), please feel free to ask.

“Having Marcia helping me with my marketing has been great! She can do it all whatever it is from big to small projects. She is fast and very creative to insure the very best piece is made. Having her on my team has made my job easier, and she is always a pleasure to work with! I highly recommend Marcia for all your marketing needs!!”

~ Dino DiGiulio, Owner ~ Body Best Collision Center

“Once again, I would like to thank you for all your hard work in developing and creating my website. You made the process relatively easy and stress free. I had a general idea of what I hoped the website would look like, but lacked the expertise to make it happen. Your vision and creativity brought it to fruition. I have received only positive reviews from my patients and that is what it is all about. You have created something that I am proud to say represents me and my business. I look forward to working with you in the future on additional marketing programs for my business.”

~ Dr. Art Charette, Chiropractor ~ Charette Chiropractic

“Starting a new business within the wine industry can be a challenge, but working with Marcia certainly eased our concerns. From logo and wine label design, to our professional business cards, Marcia has been a joy to work with. Marcia has a unique way of understanding her client’s vision, and transforming that vision in to professional and unique graphics, which helped us create our brand, Lucy Goose Wine. We love our “look” and brand, and look forward to working with Marcia in the future on our next label release. We highly recommend her work!”

~ Bill and Lorie, Vintners ~ Lucy Goose Wine

“I recently had the pleasure of working with Marcia to create a brochure for my wholesale wine accessories company. The result is an attractive and effective marketing piece that speaks very well for our business. Marcia covered the entire scope from graphics, to writing, to marketing savvy, and I’m looking forward to working with her on other projects.”

~ Kathy Leon, President ~ The Meritage Company, Inc.

“I didn’t think it was possible to make my logo fabulous. Cornucopia Creations made a design that I absolutely love.  Marcia was patient with me in putting this together.  She asked the right questions to bring out my sense of style in her creation.   I have received great compliments on my new business cards.  Thank you again for helping me out.  You do amazing work.  Great Job.”

~ Millie Binz, Owner ~ Binz & Company, Inc.

“I just wanted to thank you for all your help this past year in re-tooling our company advertising. From brainstorming on our new company slogan, through the re-invention of our company logo and designing fresh and newly focused ads, it has been a pleasure working with you.

I appreciate your effective thinking and concise approach to creating our “Better Choices. Smarter Solutions.SM” tag line so that we could roll out our new advertising quickly. And I’ve been very grateful that you could produce our new business cards, flyers and other documents so quickly after our recent office move.

I look forward to our next project together. It’s always a pleasure to work with someone who communicates effectively and responsively in tight timeframes.Thank you again.

~ Chris Salese, Branch Manager ~ Del Sur Mortgage

“Marcia, Silvia and I truly appreciate all you’ve done to help us develop our professional cleaning and janitorial company, A Touch of Bright. The logo you designed for us works so well because it captures the essence of our business and demonstrates that we are a ‘green’ company, alleviating our clients’ allergies and keeping toxic fumes and materials out of their homes and workplaces.

The business cards and quick flyer you made were a big help so that we had materials to leave behind with prospect clients. The brochure also looks great and tells our story well.

Best of all, we love the simple website you designed and the content you wrote about our firm. We very much like how it captures the same look as our logo and simply explains how we please our clients with making their spaces clean and fresh.

One of the great bonuses of working with you is how easy you made it. Neither Silvia nor I had to explain too much about our needs and you created exactly what we needed very quickly. We are looking forward to the next project we will do with you since you make it so easy.”

~ Afra Chavez, Owner ~ A Touch of Bright

“I really love the business logo that you put together for me. people always comment on my business card.”

~ Tami Kelly, Tami’s Pet Sculptures

“Your art expertise is simply beautiful to view. Your innovative style of incorporating cutting edge marketing messages with creative visuals provides us with a competitive advantage exceeding the competition.”

~ George Chowanec, All About Closets

“You are not an average designer. If you were, you would be a dime a dozen. If I thought you would not think about the best way to do something for your clients, I would not be working with you. I thank you for, and I very much appreciate, your professionalism!!!”

~ Kris Costa, Sidelines, Inc.

“You have been a great help to me and are responsible for getting, and keeping, me on the right advertising track. Because of you, I have been doing remarkably well with my ROI with newspaper ads. You are doing a great job.”

~ Ellen Stewart, NAD Specialty Contractors

“I think the thing that I liked about

[working with] you most was that were not afraid to tell me “no,” or that my idea was “not a very good one.” All too often people tell you what you want to hear and not what you should hear. Thanks for being honest with me. …Thanks for all your help and advice over the past year.”

~ Todd Krentz, Mountain Sky Closets

“I love this one. Magnifico. Grazie. Grazie.”

~ Regina Baker, Tuscan Cowgirl Dezerts

“The report on the door knob hangers is that they are first class. The customers have told me that anyone who would put a door knob hanger of that high quality on a door, must be a very good [company]…Every customer who called me via the door knob hanger (3 for every 600 hung) had the same comment. It is perceived (correctly) as a high quality piece, representing a high quality …company. Like I said, Marcia…VERY WELL DONE!!!”

~ Joe Esmerado, Closet Sweets

“I just wanted to drop you a few lines and thank you again for the great job you guys did. [The logo] looks “cool in the website too. Looks terrific. Thanks a million.”

~ Shelly & Roger, SpaceWise

“You are the best. Thank you so much for all you’ve done with the label. We both LOVE the label.”

~ Linda Nicolay, Legs Wine

“First, Jeff and I wanted to say thanks to you and Laura for such an incredible article about us. We were very pleased with the way it turned out and we have had a lot of phone calls …. So thank you for such great free publicity!!”

~ Amy and Jeff Ridgway, Affordable Closet Design

“Thanks for your efforts, and for saving me a few bucks…. Like I said, it is always great working with a pro. …You deal with first class people, you get first class results.”

~ Joe Esmerado, Closet Sweets

“Marcia, Great Stuff! Looks wonderful. Looks great. As usual, you’re incredibly prompt in your response. Nancy and I love…the postcard front. You are awesome. And Nancy and I really appreciate your help. Thanks.”

~ Barb and Nancy, ClosetMasters

“All had very complimentary comments on your logo, the choice of colors, the font and the distinctive appearance of the logo. The sign man said it will look really good on the van. It felt really good when I was able to tell him I had the graphic in exactly the format he needed. Thank you.”

~ Joe Esmerado, Closet Sweets

“The ad looks SWEET!!! Seriously, I couldn’t have asked for more. You are the STUFF. Thanks.”

~ Mike Quenneville, Sierra Closet & Cabinet

“The new ad had a great success. Booked 4x the cost of running it.”

~ Pat Knight, Aesthetic Closets

“You came highly recommended to me for your wonderful work.”

~ Doreen MacIntyre, Closet Envy

“It was so much easier getting what we needed from you.”

~ Audrea Leach, Custom Storage Solutions

“Thanks. Great job on the text!! We appreciate how quickly you are able to turn this request around when we didn’t give you much notice!!”

~ Pat and Sharon Cramer, ClosetMax

“Outstanding!! Thank you so much. I’m really sorry about the short turnaround time. Thanks again.”

~ Greg Murphy, D&M Custom Organizers

“Thank you, Marcia. The ad looks great, much cleaner and more professional.”

~ John Pelliciotta, Northwest Closet Design

“I love the artwork, very elegant.”

~ Alicia Aguilera, Kloxets

“You made my day 🙂 ! [The ad] looks great! Thanks again for all your help!”

~ Sam & Crystal Drake, Drake Closet Design

“Awesome! I love the ad!!! Great job. I really like the look!!!”

~ Melissa Sperling, Closet Concepts

“I received the door hangers yesterday. They look great! Thanks.”

~ Julia Laughlin, Avalon Closets & Cabinetry

“Thanks for the ad. It looks great. I truly appreciate your help.”

~ Rod Allison, Affordable Closet Solutions

“These “taming” designs look great.”

~ George Chowanec, All About Closets

“The ad looks great… It’s a better choice than the original one I sent.”

~ Kevin Ford, Quality Closets

“Oh, Great and Powerful graphics Guru: Loved it!! Mean it!”

~ Rob Dunn, Bayou Closets

“Marcia, I continue to get compliments on the logo you designed for me. Thanks again for your help.”

~ Lyle Helmick, Affordable Closet Systems

“We loved the banner sign! [The showroom] came out great, thanks to you!”

~ Ellen Stewart, NAD Specialty Contractors

“Keep the ideas coming. I’m looking for anything and everything to help me. We really appreciate it.”

~ Doug Freeman, Showcase Closets

“Thanks for your help with this [logo]. I really appreciate it.”

~ Gene R. Conley, Complete Closets, Inc.

“You are awesome. Thank you, Marcia.”

~ Audrea Leach, Custom Storage Solutions

“Thank you. Thank you. I think [the ad] looks great.”

~ Lisa and Darrin Almeida, Clever Closets

“The door hanger looks great.”

~ Mike Regan, Advanced Closet Design

“You are awesome. Thanks for all the artwork.”

~ Linda Nicolay, Legs Wine

“As usual [the ad] is a beauty, you are a great smoosher [of space]!!!”

~ Pat Knight, Aesthetic Closets

“The [door hanger] layout looks great.”

~ Steve Collen, Collen Brothers Services, LLC

“The ad looks great, thanks.”

~ Betty Brinkmeyer, Modern Shelving

“I forgot to mention how FABULOUS the ad is. It’s the nicest one so far!!”

~ Paula J. Valdez, DR Horton

“Thanks for getting these to me so quickly! They’re really awesome ads! Everything is great.”

~ Mike Quenneville, Sierra Closet & Cabinet

“I really like the design.”

~ Jim Sowinski, Neat Closets

“Thanks, Marcia. It was a pleasure working with you.”

~ Marlene, Organize It All

“Thank you for your continuing help. It’s great stuff you have done.”

~ Neil Balter, Organizers Direct

“The ad looks great. Thank you so much for your help.”

~ Chris Shoemaker, Shelving Systems Plus, Inc.

“Love the [business] card!”

~ Linda Nicolay, Legs Wine

“The label looks great! Thank you!!!”

~ Sheryl Rudelic, Impax Supply

“Loved [the Christmas card]!! Thanks ever so!”

~ Rob Dunn, Bayou Closets

“This is FABULOUS!!!!! DONE to Perfection. I hope my cookies are [as] good [as the label].”

~ Regina Baker, Tuscan Cowgirl Dezerts

“Let me tell you how much we appreciate your help on this ad.”

~ Beverly Hancock, Affordable Closets

“You do a great job.”

~ Neil Balter, Organizers Direct

“The new door hanger looks great!!”

~ Doug Freeman, Showcase Closets

“This [ad] looks great, let’s go with it.”

~ Pat Knight, Aesthetic Closets

“Marcia, the ad looks great. Thank you so much.”

~ Frank Mari, Affordable Custom Closets

“The newspaper ad looks great.”

~ Karen Setaro, Country Closet

“GREAT looking ad, by the way….”

~ Linda Gay, RT Publishing

“Looks great. Yes. This is wonderful. I like the layout.”

~ Bob Tobiason, Tobiason & Co.

“You have been a tremendous help.”

~ Ben Porter, Harvest Moon

“We love [the ad]!”

~ Michelle Hansen, Absolutely Organized

“Thank you very much for your input, I appreciate it, and you have good ideas!!!”

~ Kris Costa, Sidelines, Inc.

“It (the ad) is perfect….Exactly what I wanted.”

~ Amy Ridgway, Affordable Closet Design

“Thanks for all the help with the ad. I really do appreciate all your help.”

~ Robert Collins, Affordable Closet Systems

“Thanks, Marcia. [The ad] looks great!”

~ Mark Goring, Affordable Custom Closets

“The ad looks great! Thanks for all your hard work :-)”

~ Tina Bradley, Affordable Custom Closets

“Thank you for creating these logos for us, you really did a great job.”

~ Kyle Brown, Tennessee Closet Co.

“Wow! I like [the ad] a lot!! I really like this attached piece you did for our Yellow Page ad. Thanks again for the follow up, it had a lot of great information and insight. I appreciate it!!!”

~ Dave Enger, All Ways Organized

“[The door hanger’s] AWESOME 🙂 Love the shades of blue and the wording. Thanks so much.”

~ Malia Gurney, Dream Closets

“Wow! Looks great! Thanks again for such a great response.”

~ Chris Bradley, Affordable Custom Closets

“It looks great. Thanks a bunch! Thanks for your timely response as always.”

~ Tom Quarantello, Classic Blinds & Closets

“This ad looks great. Thank you for all your help.”

~ Lance Taldo, ClosetMaster

“Thank you for the quick turnaround on this!! We really love this ad, and look forward to seeing it on the inside front cover of a glossy full color brochure!”

~ Sharon Cramer, ClosetMax

“We like the ad and really appreciate your help (again).”

~ Greg Murphy, D&M Custom Organizers

“Everyone will be looking at our ad. I sure appreciate everything !!!!!!!!!!!”

~ Dave Enger, All Ways Organized

“Both of us think this is a great ad.”

~ Kyle & Karen Brown, Tennessee Closet Co.

“The ad looks wonderful.”

~ Rick Nelson, Cucamonga Closets

“A side note: your work is incredible! Big hugs!”

~ Robert Rudelic, Impax Supply

“LOOKS BEAUTIFUL FROM HERE. LET IT RIDE! Thank you for your help.”

~ Jim Lovato, Marina Closets

“Looks fantastic. Big Mahalo to Marcia for getting this done.”

~ Keith Gurney, Dream Closets

“Marcia, we are very pleased with the ad. Thanks for the help.”

~ Robert, Max Space

“Everything looks great.”

~ Jeff & Lisa Gilmore, Mr. Closet

“Great designs. Thanks for the quick service. You’re amazing.”

~ Michael Cyr, NH Closets

“I got it and everything looks great. Thanks.”

~ Steve Brinson, North Florida Closets

“It looks really good. Thank you for all your help. You are the greatest…”

~ Susan, SpaceMakers of the SE

“The article looks and sounds great. Thank you.”

~ Malia Gurney, Dream Closets