24 08, 2011

The Magic Productivity Formula


Dachshund Watching Over Me

What’s so magical about a productivity formula? It’s magical because if you follow it, it works!

Day in and day out, you can work your patootie off and not be productive. (I have those days. I just feel dreadful that I haven’t been nearly as productive as I hoped with my time.)

On the other hand, if I’ve got my ducks in a row, my day planned out […]

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18 08, 2011

Transform Your Desktop


My Desk in August!

“The desk of the average white collar worker holds 36 hours of uncompleted work. That desk’s occupant spends 3 hours per week sorting piles to find and organize the projects being worked upon.”
From The Overload Syndrome, by Richard Swenson

Productivity starts with a well-ordered desk for me. (No, it doesn’t start with a glass of champagne. I’ll get […]

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29 06, 2011

11 Ways to Reach Your Goals


11 Ways to Achieve Your Goals
The scene: You set a goal to make $X more revenue by a certain date. Or you resolve to have six, new big clients within 90 days or less.

It’s never been done before.
It’ll need planning and a large crew.

But then something happens along the way. A bright light starts shining in one corner, distracting you from the original goal. You […]

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