3 12, 2012

What’s Your Vision of the Future?


Pic of Road to the Future

“When times are tough, vision is the first causality. Before conditions can improve, it is the first thing we must recover.”
Michael Hyatt, CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers

It’s the time of year we begin to look ahead to the New Year and plan our business goals and strategy. You may have already made a note to yourself that you’d like […]

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7 12, 2011

Fall Into Your Goals


Falls Colors in Napa
I’m absolutely stunned each time I walk outside at the continuing fall beauty. I have a few extra advantages here that may not be available to everyone. First, I have a dog, whom I prefer to walk instead of just let her loose in the yard (which she also gets to enjoy). So I’m outside by her necessity more often than the non-dog-walking population. (I will skip […]

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1 12, 2011

Mission: The Moon!


“Let’s go to the moon!”

It might as well have been Mickey Rooney telling Judy, “Let’s put on a show!” Both goals likely seemed unattainable when first considered by those tasked with attaining them.

As an audience member watching the screen we simply saw a speed-through of rehearsals, set-building, costume fittings and voila! Opening night with a packed house was upon Mickey and Judy and all those kids with big dreams of […]

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24 08, 2011

The Magic Productivity Formula


Dachshund Watching Over Me

What’s so magical about a productivity formula? It’s magical because if you follow it, it works!

Day in and day out, you can work your patootie off and not be productive. (I have those days. I just feel dreadful that I haven’t been nearly as productive as I hoped with my time.)

On the other hand, if I’ve got my ducks in a row, my day planned out […]

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