5 12, 2012

Get a Specific Vision for Greatest Success

Person looking thru binoculars
“My company makes $30 million a year and has two dozen branches throughout the northwest. There are up to a dozen staff in each office. They are excited to provide our services to X business industry and partner with dynamic related industries. We pay them very well within this business category as I strongly believe they are our greatest asset. On average they […]
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7 12, 2011

Fall Into Your Goals


Falls Colors in Napa
I’m absolutely stunned each time I walk outside at the continuing fall beauty. I have a few extra advantages here that may not be available to everyone. First, I have a dog, whom I prefer to walk instead of just let her loose in the yard (which she also gets to enjoy). So I’m outside by her necessity more often than the non-dog-walking population. (I will skip […]

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1 12, 2011

Mission: The Moon!


“Let’s go to the moon!”

It might as well have been Mickey Rooney telling Judy, “Let’s put on a show!” Both goals likely seemed unattainable when first considered by those tasked with attaining them.

As an audience member watching the screen we simply saw a speed-through of rehearsals, set-building, costume fittings and voila! Opening night with a packed house was upon Mickey and Judy and all those kids with big dreams of […]

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9 11, 2011

Are There Holes in Your Marketing?


Holes in a Wall

In a couple of weeks I can expect to begin seeing many blog posts, webinars and white papers on goal-setting for the new year. Grrrrrrrrrrrr!

It’s not that I don’t like setting goals, I think it’s essential as a tool leading to success. But it’s mighty difficult to squeeze in the time for this task.

January came and went with a flurry of activities, making goal-setting and review a […]

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29 06, 2011

11 Ways to Reach Your Goals


11 Ways to Achieve Your Goals
The scene: You set a goal to make $X more revenue by a certain date. Or you resolve to have six, new big clients within 90 days or less.

It’s never been done before.
It’ll need planning and a large crew.

But then something happens along the way. A bright light starts shining in one corner, distracting you from the original goal. You […]

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