11 04, 2012

Searching for Signs of Engaging Friends on Facebook

2018-01-17T15:31:13-08:00April 11, 2012|Advertising, Branding, Facebook, Marketing, Online Marketing, Social Media|

The first obstacle to overcome in Facebook fan-building is not falling into the Kevin Costner Syndrome trap. This is so named for those who mistakenly believe that once they’ve built their fan page, the fans will come. It doesn’t work that way.

Remember how the Blues Brothers did it long ago? They drove all around Chicago’s south side with an enormous speaker strapped to the roof of the Bluesmobile […]

22 03, 2012

Putting Your Best (Business) Face on Facebook

2018-01-17T15:31:13-08:00March 22, 2012|Branding, Facebook, Good Reads, Marketing, Online Marketing, Promotions, Social Media, Webinars|

Ready or not! Here Timeline comes!

Like the familiar children’s game, Facebook’s Timeline layout seeks you out and arrives on your fan page March 30th – whether you’re ready of not!

Like all great software out there, just as soon as you’ve gotten really comfortable using the features as they are now, they change them all.

Many businesses have already made the transition to the layout. (It’s optional until March 30th.) Curious how your page will look in […]

14 03, 2012

Controlling the Facebook Runaway Train

2018-01-17T15:31:13-08:00March 14, 2012|Advertising, Facebook, Online Marketing, Social Media|

Ever look down at your watch and gasp in dismay when you realize two hours have passed when you meant to spend only twenty minutes on your Facebook updates?

Yeah. Me too.

This is the type of disorder and chaos that drives you to say, “No more. I won’t use it!”

But you shouldn’t overreact. What’s missing is your plan of attack.

Wrestle Your Facebook Presence Under Your Control

Last week I discussed the importance of sticking to a set […]

13 03, 2012

50+ Topics to Keep Your Facebook Timeline Bursting with News

2018-01-17T15:31:13-08:00March 13, 2012|Branding, Business Success, Facebook, Online Marketing, Social Media|

When I first started using Facebook a few years ago I felt like every last cell in my brain went dead each time I logged in. (I’m supposed to be a creative marketing person with lots of ideas, right? This wasn’t a good sign!) I struggled to get into the mindset. (And there really is one!)

You must develop and nurture […]

9 03, 2012

Conquer Social Media with Discipline and Order

2018-01-17T15:31:13-08:00March 9, 2012|Advertising, Branding, Business Success, Customer Service, Marketing, Online Marketing, Social Media|

Military Ribbons with Facebook and Twitter 'ribbons'

I get it! I’ve heard quite a bit recently from clients and colleagues about the inordinate time it takes to work the social media scene. I’m not denying it.

These are also the same folks who are desirous of growing their businesses.

Now I find this curious: If you want to grow your business and you’re provided with a tool to do so, then why […]

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