13 07, 2011

Website Success Tips: The Eyes Have It

2011-10-16T22:11:38-07:00July 13, 2011|Advertising, Branding, Marketing, Online Marketing, Website Design|

What Does the Eye See?

Fifteen to twenty years ago, when you stepped off the edge of the abyss and ventured outside your office intranet, or dialed out to AOL for a foray into the wild jungles of the world wide web, you’d never know what might happen.

Would you quickly hear that funky phone connection tone when you arrived safely at AOL? Or would you end up marooned on an […]

4 05, 2011

How to Waste Your Design Dollars in One Easy Step

2011-10-23T23:53:06-07:00May 4, 2011|Advertising, Copywriting, Graphic Design, Marketing|

Part 4 on the Elements of Good Design

No Contrast? No Like-y!

I opened my snail mail and there it was: fodder for a newsletter. I should state up front that I’m a member of this winery, so I periodically receive promotions and news from them (usually by email), and I still love their wine. But this stopped me cold in my tracks. Quel dommage!

Why is it so important for you, the non-designer, […]

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