25 07, 2012

Using the 80/20 Marketing Rule to Vastly Increase Sales


Best Customer, Your Products
This morning I opened my email to see this post from Seth Godin on the Circles of Marketing. My immediate impression was how it looked just like our solar planetary system with all the different types of best customers and fans nearest in orbit to the product (sun) and those with the least interest and fewest purchases (as far as we know) out […]

Using the 80/20 Marketing Rule to Vastly Increase Sales2018-01-17T15:31:11-08:00
2 03, 2011

What Does a Great Customer Cost?


Part 2 in a series about The Customer

3 Women Made of Money
When we last left this drama (known as your business) our heroine was in peril: Was she worth a little or a lot to you to acquire? (And I use the female gender since statistically they make more buying decisions. I won’t, however, get into the nuances between B2C and B2B buyer statistics. We’ll save that for another […]

What Does a Great Customer Cost?2011-10-24T01:22:13-07:00
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