2 05, 2012

Before You Tweet: Getting Ready to Launch a New Media Channel


Twitter on Cornucopia

It’s said that at least half of all 500 million Twitter accounts are unused.

I, myself, had an account for eons before I felt I could devote the appropriate attention to growing a follower base. (Of course, I wish I’d starter sooner, too!)

Back in the day b.d. (before digital), marketing campaigns and their accompanying advertisements were planned out well in advance of rollout. Research was conducted about appropriate […]

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4 01, 2012

About the Cornucopia


Happy New Year!

Just wanted to say a quick “Thank You” for sticking with me this year! I know your time is valuable. So I appreciate it greatly when you take the time out of your busy day to look over my weekly missives.

Have a very happy and prosperous New Year!

I’ve been working on my 2012 goals. It isn’t easy. There’s so […]

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27 05, 2011

What Are Your Sources of Inspiration?


Botticelli's Venus Reading Online
Inspiration comes from everywhere, but today, I’m just looking at inspiration sources online.

Like you, I subscribe to an array of newsletters, RSS feeds (but I’m terrible at checking back at them), and social media contacts who continually post links to great publications, writers and articles. Here are some favorites:

Seth Godin – The Godfather of great daily business blogging. For those of us in the marketing biz, […]

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29 04, 2011

How Do You Connect Everything?


Criticism Mind Map Sample Pic
I’m probably an anomaly as a reader of others’ newsletters and content marketing. So many of these publications arrive in my inbox that it’s quite the task to sort through them, read, digest and move on.

Much of the content is excellent. Some arrive daily, others weekly. Those with whom my connection feels like they’re way out circling with Pluto arrive but only monthly or quarterly. […]

How Do You Connect Everything?2011-10-23T23:55:51-07:00
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