1 03, 2012

78 Calls To Action!

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Part Five (and last!) in a series on the Marketing Equation
Action! Film Slate

You’ve rehearsed; set the scene; and actors are waiting in the wings (per se). Curtain up! And…  Action!

That’s the general idea in the Marketing Equation: You’ve grabbed your audience’s attention, convinced them through engagement to stick around for more. With your keen dramatic sensibilities you’ve got them on the edges of their seats […]

21 07, 2011

Would You Like a Magic Wand?

2011-10-16T22:07:38-07:00July 21, 2011|Copywriting, Email Marketing, Marketing, Online Marketing|

Hour Glass Image

Have you ever wished you could go around to each of your clients with a magic wand and Boom! You strike them on the head and suddenly they know each and every wonderful thing (read: benefit) about your product or service?

That’s how I felt yesterday morning.

The Plan

I was one of two speakers for a seminar on Email Marketing Best Practices. The room was packed. We had a […]

16 02, 2011

The Ancient Secret to Direct Mail Treasure

2011-10-25T04:39:57-07:00February 16, 2011|Advertising, Business Success, Direct Mail, Marketing|

Ancient Secret to Direct Mail Treasure Artwork

There can be more hidden trap doors, bottomless pits, and rooms full of slithering snakes to dodge in order to run a successful direct mail campaign than in an Indiana Jones adventure movie. When discussing marketing tactics to employ with a new client, it’s not unusual for me to hear: “We did a big mailing last year; we didn’t get any calls off […]

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