Shown below are a wide range of resources you may find useful to successfully grow your business. From marketing to design and writing, as well as references in social media, leadership, inspiration and motivation, it takes an array of tools to provide your customers with the best possible products and services.

From Cornucopia Creations

4 Keys to Marketing Success – A quick slide show presenting the 4 things your marketing has to do to be successful.


BuzzFeed – claims to have “the hottest, most social content on the web” which includes current ad campaigns as well as some truly odd stories.

Client Attraction by Fabienne Frederickson – Fabienne is a very savvy businesswoman focusing on helping women entrepreneurs. She offers her blog and several self-help marketing courses as well as seminars. Great tips from Fabienne.

The Marketing Spot – Jay Ehret offers a blog replete with tons of fabulous marketing advice.

Marketing Sherpa offers daily blog posts, statistics, trends and more.

My Educated Guess, Marketing Answers for IT – is a great little blog that addresses the issues of marketing as complicated by understanding technology and getting it to work for you. Smart stuff.

Neuromarketing – Where Brain Science and Marketing Meet by Roger Dooley – Roger’s book “Brainfluence” is an offshoot of this blog. There is science to buying decisions — a great aid for marketers in understanding those triggers. Lots of valuable information here.

18 Resources to Help You Become Amazing at Acquiring New Customers – Wonderful post at Entrepreneur listing resources for growing your business


AdWeek’s AdFreak, Media, Advertising, Pop Culture & Everything in Between – is a blog examining current events in advertising and marketing. Here’s a great place to check on ad design trends.

Bad Banana – offers quite the slanted humor on design.

GoMediaZine – is an online resource and blog for designers and artists working in Photoshop and other web applications.

Jessica Hische – is an infrequent blogger. Best known for her recent “Love” U.S. postage stamp, Jessica is a superb graphic designer and typographer.

Top Design Mag – offers examples of top designs in a variety of arenas, from cars to social media icons, vintage ads to business card design.

Spoon Graphics – from the UK is more of a ‘how to’ blog, but it’s full of plenty of examples of top design work.

Logo Design Science – A great infographic on how the brain processes the visual stimulae of seeing a logo.


Copyblogger – The great granddaddy of them all in online and business writing. The folks at Copyblogger do much more now than when they began, but you can’t beat their blog posts for sage advice in writing and marketing.

Fritanancy by Nancy Friedman – is a marvelous daily blog on wordsmithing, vocabulary, copy writing, company and product naming and more.

Editorial Emergency – is another great resource for correct grammar, spelling, humor and more.

Business Leaders

Chris Brogan – is a prolific blogger, best-selling author, marketer, social media expert and more. His blog posts vary widely in content, but they’re always fascinating to read.

The Entrepreneur Blog by Evan Carmichael – offers “Practical Business Advice for the Internet Entrepreneur.” Evan’s a savvy businessman who shares lots of practical news and tips to manage business in the digital age.

Entreproducer by Brian Clark – As a founder of Copyblogger, Brian is one of the leading business thinker-producers online today. Entreproducer is a sideline of his exploring new business forms online.

Seth Godin – is one of the thought leaders of the 21st century. He is a best-selling author, marketer, ad man and all-around modern thinker. His daily blog is always fascinating.

Darren Hardy, publisher of SUCCESS Magazine – has his own blog that is quite good. Sometimes inspirational, other times focused on marketing or just tips on business success.

Mitch Joel, Six Pixels of Separation by Twist Image – An expert in online marketing, design and more, Mitch writes compelling blog posts on current affairs and trends. Always insightful.

Mobile Marketing

iFlyMobi – offers a free trial to create your own mobile apps.

Online Marketing

Content Marketing Forum – Here’s a terrific reference post available online promotion tools

Hubspot – specializes in online marketing services. They offer marketing automation to maximize use of CRM.

Two Hour Blogger – offers tips, insight and more on creating and running a successful blog.

2019 Social Media Image Sizes Cheat Sheet – An infographic for quick reference.


Computer Companion – Great tips, tricks and advice for the small business owner coping with technology challenges.

Fast Company – The online edition of the magazine reviewing tech sites and the digital era.

Flash Bay – Get your logo printed on this Flash Drives as promotional items.

Tech Crunch – The name says it all. This online magazine reviews current technology and trends.

Mashable – A leading technology trends site, with articles and blogs on online marketing and tech trends.

Web Monkey – is a great resource for web design.

Video Marketing

Nike’s Secret to Success – A great blog post outlining the strategy to building a high number of subscribers to their YouTube channel. Great tips in this.

Jay Baer on YouTube – Jay is a great YouTube marketer with tons of tips on becoming successful on this channel. Check out his many tutorial videos.


A 6-step approach for creating user friendly and rewarding websites – Stilted narrative but an excellent guide for business owners on what to expect (and what to do) in crafting their website with a web designer.