Food and Wine Label IconProduct packaging introduces the element of the third dimension. Whether it’s a wine bottle in need of a label and capsule design or your product’s shipping carton graphics, we can manage all components of your project. Here are two brief examples.


Wine Labels

Creating branding visuals can be inspired when the product or company name is truly unique and clever. This client had a great brand name. But they also had been stuck for some time on developing an equally stunning visual representation to match the name. That’s where we came in. The client conveyed the goals they wanted to achieve with the branding and had already indicated they wished to use the font shown in the logo design. The rest is history. A votre santé!

Another client wanted a very traditional wine label with their not-so-traditional artwork.
Lucy Goose Chardonnay

Food Label

This client brought lots of specific visuals ideas to the table that they wanted combined: The cowgirl was a metal figurine they wanted on the label. The landscape background evolved from elements of a variety of pictures, paintings and tapestries. And the client requested the cowgirl be lassoing a rope (originally around the company name). All requested components were seamlessly integrated into the design for a cohesive and unique look for this high-end baked goods company.

Tuscan Cowgirl Dezerts - Package Label Sample Pic