Just finished a new brochure for Ironwood Landcrafters. You can find a snapshot of it on my Brochures page as well as below.

Why create printed collateral in this digital day-in-age? Simple, a good fifty percent of the business and consumer world still prefers the tactile experience of holding and reading a paper brochure. It’s cast more in stone (per se) than the fleeting changes seen on the internet.

A printed piece of collateral demonstrates your business is here to stay and is no flash-in-the-pan.

Some folks actually enjoy the alternative experience of picking up a brochure on a break to give it the once over during a coffee break outside.

Here’s another scenario to consider: You cold call a firm and get halted at the reception desk. She says, “My supervisor isn’t in right now, but can you leave me anything to give to her?” Well, is a business card enough? Probably not if you’re trying to land a sizable account.

Print a brochure!

Does it have to show and describe every last product and service you offer? Probably not. In fact, I wouldn’t recommend it. Not only is there a strong possibility what you put down in print may change in the near future, but most folks don’t have the attention span to read your War and Peace length catalog. They just want to look at what interests them. So just provide an overview. After all, you were after a face-to-face appointment, right? The brochure is just a tool to aid you in getting the appointment.

Large Brochure sample for Ironwood Landcrafters

Learn more about Ironwood Landcrafters at the Sonoma Chamber’s Business Expo next week on March 15th where they’ll have a booth.