Sneak Peek Video – The Tractor Chronicles in Spring


Sneak peek videos are a great way to grab fan attention. These work similarly to movie trailers, providing just enough intriguing visuals and audio to make the viewer want more. And that’s the key to customer loyalty: keep them wanting more.

Video footage for sneak peeks often comes from recording footage for other purposes. Perhaps it doesn’t quite fit with the rest of the story you’re trying to tell but is still interesting visually. Voila! A teaser to keep clients on the hook!

Entertainment Video – The Tractor Chronicles: The Post-Winter Mow


Watching someone mow a yard ((or a vine-yard) may seem as exciting to some as watching the grass grow. So one of the ways in which we get folks to watch a rather simple activity is by adding dramatic music and edit cuts. I’d collected several minutes of mowing between vine rows as well as from several different angles. And while most of it ended up on the cutting room floor (digitally speaking), the best of it made the…final cut.

Information Video – The Tractor Chronicles: Spading at Mathis Vineyard


This type of video may only be of interest to die-hard fans of the winery. Spading is a farm activity that is most likely to appeal to Mathis’s key customers – males who enjoy geeky activities and information. As always, I try to show just enough action footage with the tractor to keep viewers’ attention. This is in contrast to the time I spend walking in front of or behind the tractor for many minutes between the vine rows. In the end, only the most photogenic moments make the final cut.

Entertainment Video – The Sonoma Valley Chainsaw Massacre in Mathis Vineyard


Unless you sell or manufacture chainsaws, a video on someone using it may not elicit much excitement. However, trees don’t fall in vineyards every day either. It was a unique opportunity to show how Peter Mathis deals with the day-to-day surprises that can arise in the vineyard. Using the play on the movie name from Texas was merely a choice to poke fun at an everyday activity with a salacious title attached to it.

Explainer Video – Véraison at Mathis Vineyard


Short and simple, this video provides a brief explanation for the client’s fans and customers about the progress of this vintage’s growing season. One of the best ways to build brand-raving fans and [popover title=”Influencers” title_bg_color=”#eaa41c” content=”People who are your biggest and most loyal fans who also create visibility for your product or service by sharing your news with their own social networks.” content_bg_color=”#eadec2″ bordercolor=”#eaa41c” textcolor=”#333333″ trigger=”click” placement=”” class=”” id=””]influencers[/popover] is to keep them up-to-date on key information about products and services. Most importantly, keep that information unique and valuable to viewers and fans.

Behind-the-scenes: The client prefers his videos not to look too polished or commercial, i.e. not expensive. He puts his money primarily in producing fantastic wine–not video! That means they are shot without a script. Lighting and sound may be less-than-perfect. Video is shot on a cell phone. Graphics for titles and credits are kept to a minimum or not used at all. All in all, this ‘down and dirty’ explainer video can be shot and edited within a few hours.

Outtakes Video – Lily Doesn’t Take Direction


It doesn’t take long to amass a good collection of video outtakes. Editing them together for public consumption is a separate matter, and they must meet certain criteria to be included: Are the clips funny? Do you have permission to show them to the public? And if the outtakes in any way embarrass the viewer, customers or company, they cannot be used.

We’re human. As we’ve seen with plenty of Hollywood outtakes, they can be exceedingly entertaining, showing a side of an actor or a company that would otherwise appear infallible. In this case, Lily, vineyard dog, provides perfect fodder in outtakes, interfering with various shots. But she loves her time outdoors! That makes for good entertainment.

About Video – KSRO Radio Interview


This video is a perfect example of combining an audio interview with live action video and stills to craft an enhanced story. Using the audio track as a base, I underscored key points being established in the interview while enhancing key information not mentioned in great detail within the interview. Additionally, for time consideration, some sections of the interview were cut from the final video in order to convey the most important points clearly.

Label and Package Design – Legs Wine


This client began as a garagiste and has since expanded to sell the wines. The brand name came from the two lady winemakers who were very tall (still are!) and known for their gams. Striking upon the right visuals took a bit of time (before I came onto the scene). When I showed them a quick mock up of the seamed stockings in stilletoes with the logo font, they were immediately sold on the concept. And while they were still working out of the garage (literally) with small batches of wine, I recommended they match the Christian Laboutin, shoe-sole red with a red wax closure.

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