Outtakes Video – Lily Doesn’t Take Direction


It doesn’t take long to amass a good collection of video outtakes. Editing them together for public consumption is a separate matter, and they must meet certain criteria to be included: Are the clips funny? Do you have permission to show them to the public? And if the outtakes in any way embarrass the viewer, customers or company, they cannot be used.

We’re human. As we’ve seen with plenty of Hollywood outtakes, they can be exceedingly entertaining, showing a side of an actor or a company that would otherwise appear infallible. In this case, Lily, vineyard dog, provides perfect fodder in outtakes, interfering with various shots. But she loves her time outdoors! That makes for good entertainment.

About Video – KSRO Radio Interview


This video is a perfect example of combining an audio interview with live action video and stills to craft an enhanced story. Using the audio track as a base, I underscored key points being established in the interview while enhancing key information not mentioned in great detail within the interview. Additionally, for time consideration, some sections of the interview were cut from the final video in order to convey the most important points clearly.

Introduction Video – Meet Teri Buchanan, Napa Realtor


The primary hurdles in closing a sale (in order) are liking the person you’ll work with; trusting that person; and finally, do they have the expertise or product features you require. For a realtor, establishing likeability and trust are the key factors just to get the phone picked up. In this video, my client recruited her past satisfied clients to provide testimonials, closing the gap on credibility and trustworthiness.

My primary function in this early video was to craft the story and produce the graphics. Editing was completed by Chris Templeton. (Thank you, Chris!) Since then we’ve crafted several variations on this video.

Testimonial Video – Meet My Client, Rebecca


The fastest way to move a prospective client from tentative to sold is through other client testimonials. It ellicits great relief that their gut instincts are correct because others have had a good experience with you. Fortunately, this client’s own clients ALL had fantastic experiences working with her on their real estate transactions.

This video was re-edited from the original  “Meet Teri Buchanan” video to get the most use of the footage. This is a terrific way to make best use of your company assets by repurposing for later use.

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