Meritage Company – Wine Accessories Trifold Brochure


One of the trickiest brochures to design is the one that represents everything for the company.  It represents the brand and all product lines. Chief among the challenges is choosing which products to showcase in the artwork. Print brochures represent a mere snapshot in time these days. It’s tempting to treat it like a catalog. But in doing so, the essence of the company would be lost. This effort represented a marriage of branding while highlighting only a few of the company’s core product lines.

Brochure Design – Sidelines, Inc.


BROCHURE DESIGN Sometimes making a client’s products look extra special takes extra special work in Photoshop. While the foodstuffs were photographed in the basket, it wasn’t on the table. And the tablecloth color didn’t match, nor was the table even in the room shown here. The flooring and rug were added as was all the special lighting to tie it together. …But it did sell a lot of bronze-colored baskets!

Metal baskets rarely ellicit the same emotional reaction as photos of cute kitties and adorable puppies. But a client needs as strong an emotional reaction to their products that images of baby animals generate. We provided the client with a complete backstory and set styling instructions for this closet before their photoshoot so that the finished ad and brochure would turn heads. …And they did!

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