Project Description

Product description videos are ideal to show off its features and benefits. Tell the audience things that they won’t read about the product in a brochure. (A picture is worth a thousand words!) Use the opportunity to show the product’s motion capabilities. Whenever possible, make the video content fun. Sharing is a key component to video success. So the more entertaining it can be, the greater the possibility of sharing by [popover title=”Influencers” title_bg_color=”#eaa41c” content=”People who are your biggest and most loyal fans who also create visibility for your product or service by sharing your news with their own social networks.” content_bg_color=”#eadec2″ bordercolor=”#eaa41c” textcolor=”#333333″ trigger=”click” placement=”” class=”” id=””]influencers[/popover] increases. Most importantly, keep that information unique and valuable to viewers and fans.

Behind-the-scenes: As there was no video footage available at the time (since the client was in the middle of harvest and unavailable), this video was assembled only using still photos. Challenges included conveying the flavor profile of the wine and the foods it ideally paired with. Finding appropriate royalty-free music and a mood that reflects the client’s brand were also key.  As this was a type of “music video” for a product, the editing time was exponentially longer than a live-action explainer video as each beat required matching exactly.