Project Description

This site (still under construction) makes a good example of design on a budget. Goals included:

  • Inexpensive site hosting and design
  • Showcase the owner’s many client testimonials
  • Focus on the business’ primary services and brands
  • Establish a professional brand identity


  • Created WordPress site with [popover title=”Responsive Design” title_bg_color=”” content=”Site design that responds to the size of the viewer’s window screen: Site features rearrange and resize on screen to fit the desktop, tablet or phone size being used. Older websites did not offer this feature and required manual zooming in and out to read the text or navigate pages.” content_bg_color=”” bordercolor=”” textcolor=”” trigger=”click” placement=”” class=”” id=””]responsive design[/popover] theme.
  • To reduce costs, a free WordPress theme was incorporated while the client chose an inexpensive site host.
  • Design was established with minimal bells and whistles so the client could make his own changes.


What is “design on a budget”? Depends upon the client. In this case, the client was just going out on his own having worked for an appliance repair service for years. Since there was no collection of images taken over years of appliance repair, we improved the site with free images and shots I could quickly take. Not perfect! But appliance don’t have super model looks either. Stay tuned for more when the site is finished!