Project Description

Short and simple, this video provides a brief explanation for the client’s fans and customers about the progress of this vintage’s growing season. One of the best ways to build brand-raving fans and [popover title=”Influencers” title_bg_color=”#eaa41c” content=”People who are your biggest and most loyal fans who also create visibility for your product or service by sharing your news with their own social networks.” content_bg_color=”#eadec2″ bordercolor=”#eaa41c” textcolor=”#333333″ trigger=”click” placement=”” class=”” id=””]influencers[/popover] is to keep them up-to-date on key information about products and services. Most importantly, keep that information unique and valuable to viewers and fans.

Behind-the-scenes: The client prefers his videos not to look too polished or commercial, i.e. not expensive. He puts his money primarily in producing fantastic wine–not video! That means they are shot without a script. Lighting and sound may be less-than-perfect. Video is shot on a cell phone. Graphics for titles and credits are kept to a minimum or not used at all. All in all, this ‘down and dirty’ explainer video can be shot and edited within a few hours.