Project Description

Explainer videos are ideal customer education tools. They serve in the function of Hollywood’s old behind-the-scenes slash how-it’s-made movies and trailers that would run before or after a film. For a product like wine, there is considerable mystique behind how a grape becomes the elixir of the gods. That allows for an unlimited number of “explainer” film shorts, each providing a tiny piece of the puzzle of how this tiny berry becomes a magical beverage.

Hazards of filming in the vineyard? Sunlight! It casts deep shadows and reflects bright highlights. Ideally we would shoot late in the day when light is more filtered. But the star of these videos is available to shoot only when he’s available! So if the light isn’t perfect, we make do. Another hazard is the great outdoors: airplanes can wreak havoc with the audio as can wind. If the star of the video is available for only short periods of time, that means I’m left to sift through raw video footage later to determine if I can make cuts around airplane interference or wind. Lastly, on rare occasion the star goes up on his lines! Given the tight timeframe, I often keep shooting and direct a quick rewind to catch the train of thought again. Editing irons out the hiccups!