Project Description

The company’s WordPress website hadn’t been updated in a number of years and some modules had become  unusable, providing the owners with motivation for an overhaul. Adding to the site’s senior age was an inflexible visual design and poor navigation, as well as a lack of analytics for tracking site success. Goals for improvement included:

  • Providing visuals that would draw visitors to wine country
  • Improving contact information accessibility
  • Adding a reservations system
  • Adding in numerous photo galleries
  • Providing back-end [popover title=”Analytics” title_bg_color=”” content=”Analytics software provides feedback data on site performance. This can be anything from visitor count to traffic flow, e-commerce conversion, demographics and the source from which a visitor came to the site.” content_bg_color=”” bordercolor=”” textcolor=”” trigger=”click” placement=”” class=”” id=””]analytics[/popover]


  • Crafted a compelling visual story using the client’s images of wine country
  • Created WordPress site with [popover title=”Responsive Design” title_bg_color=”” content=”Site design that responds to the size of the viewer’s window screen: Site features rearrange and resize on screen to fit the desktop, tablet or phone size being used. Older websites did not offer this feature and required manual zooming in and out to read the text or navigate pages.” content_bg_color=”” bordercolor=”” textcolor=”” trigger=”click” placement=”” class=”” id=””]responsive design[/popover] theme
  • Improved accessibility to contact information and service reservations
  • Created several photo galleries of the client’s touring service locations
  • Installed Google Analytics to track all site traffic


This up-to-date site has garnered many ways to view content from desktop to mobile platforms. With the added flexibility it is much easier to make a reservation or contact the owners, regardless of viewing platform. Finally, site analytics show site traffic steadily climbing in search results.