Project Description

This company was tackling multiple problems at one time with this new site: The company was undergoing a name change, new branding/logo, relocation and staff expansion. The original site was a small, one-page overview. Goals included:

  • Expand upon existing products and services to craft a multi-page site.
  • Employ responsive design theme
  • Repurposed existing content into multiple pages about products and services
  • Installed Google Analytics to track all site traffic
  • Added calls-to-action on most pages along with a new contact form.


The conversion from a one-page to multi-page site was affected in less than a week. Taking longer (and still in development) are the staff photos and biographies. With so many changes taking place in a short timeframe, some things were shifted to a temporary backburner. Bottom line: Our sites are flexible, allowing you to complete one section when another must wait.