Entertainment Video – Harvest Hustle


Business should be fun, right? While these harvest workers clearly are hustling and bustling to perform the business of winemaking, even they have fun while moving at lightning speed.

Challenges in producing this type of video include sorting through quite a lot of footage of vineyard workers harvesting the client’s Grenache in record time. While entertainment may be the goal, in order to make it do so effectively a story must be carved out from the many clips to show the entire harvest process.

Add in fun music, make use of stilted footage that didn’t process proper in-camera and voila! A harvest story is born.

Logo Design Portfolio


Logo design is unique for each and every business. As you can see in the portfolio samples above, there is a great deal of diversity among the businesses represented.

Logo development can take less than an hour or up to a dozen hours. Much depends upon the client’s own vision, budget and goals. Some prefer to tinker with the visual ideas through many drafts and others approve a logo with the first design.

Cristal Blue Carriage – Website Design


The company’s WordPress website hadn’t been updated in a number of years and some modules had become  unusable, providing the owners with motivation for an overhaul. Adding to the site’s senior age was an inflexible visual design and poor navigation, as well as a lack of analytics for tracking site success. Goals for improvement included:

  • Providing visuals that would draw visitors to wine country
  • Improving contact information accessibility
  • Adding a reservations system
  • Adding in numerous photo galleries
  • Providing back-end [popover title=”Analytics” title_bg_color=”” content=”Analytics software provides feedback data on site performance. This can be anything from visitor count to traffic flow, e-commerce conversion, demographics and the source from which a visitor came to the site.” content_bg_color=”” bordercolor=”” textcolor=”” trigger=”click” placement=”” class=”” id=””]analytics[/popover]


  • Crafted a compelling visual story using the client’s images of wine country
  • Created WordPress site with [popover title=”Responsive Design” title_bg_color=”” content=”Site design that responds to the size of the viewer’s window screen: Site features rearrange and resize on screen to fit the desktop, tablet or phone size being used. Older websites did not offer this feature and required manual zooming in and out to read the text or navigate pages.” content_bg_color=”” bordercolor=”” textcolor=”” trigger=”click” placement=”” class=”” id=””]responsive design[/popover] theme
  • Improved accessibility to contact information and service reservations
  • Created several photo galleries of the client’s touring service locations
  • Installed Google Analytics to track all site traffic


This up-to-date site has garnered many ways to view content from desktop to mobile platforms. With the added flexibility it is much easier to make a reservation or contact the owners, regardless of viewing platform. Finally, site analytics show site traffic steadily climbing in search results.

Larbre Automotive – Print Advertising Design


COMPETITIVE ADVERTISING How do you compete against larger-sized ads on the same printed page? Bigger isn’t always better! While ad size may give you a competitive edge for more eyeballs on your ad, it can be meaningless if the message doesn’t match your brand’s image. This auto shop grabbed viewers’ attention not only through a generous dose of bright colors that matched the existing logo, but also through highly visual seasonal offers and graphic styling we provided to match the brand.

Seasonal advertising brings fresh customers as well as long-timers to your door. Use the current holiday to reach out to clients and fans. Each Cornucopia Creations’ ad is custom designed to meet the client’s specific needs. For this local auto repair shop, we crafted season-specific ads to remind existing customers of ongoing maintenance needs as well as draw new clients to his business.


eNewsletters Portfolio


eNewsletters remain one of the most successful communication tools with fans and customers. For those with products to sell, e-newsletters continue to garner the highest open rates and click through rates to generate engagement and sales. Shown above are but a few of the e-newsletters I manage for clients.

Of greatest advantage, e-newsletters provide immediate feedback regarding success. Analytics provide valuable data on which items were of greatest interest to recipients. And the ability to A/B split test allows business owners to truly fine tune what keywords, subject lines and products resonate most strongly with recipients.

Last, but not least, depending upon the size of your emailing list, e-newsletters can produce dramatic results on a shoe-string budget. No printing costs, no envelopes, no postage and no 2+ week wait time for results. If you’ve ever wondered if and when to jump into contacting your customer base via e-newsletter, wait no longer! Your customers are waiting to hear from you!

Meritage Company – Wine Accessories Trifold Brochure


One of the trickiest brochures to design is the one that represents everything for the company.  It represents the brand and all product lines. Chief among the challenges is choosing which products to showcase in the artwork. Print brochures represent a mere snapshot in time these days. It’s tempting to treat it like a catalog. But in doing so, the essence of the company would be lost. This effort represented a marriage of branding while highlighting only a few of the company’s core product lines.

Benchmark Bookkeeping – Website Design


This company was tackling multiple problems at one time with this new site: The company was undergoing a name change, new branding/logo, relocation and staff expansion. The original site was a small, one-page overview. Goals included:

  • Expand upon existing products and services to craft a multi-page site.
  • Employ responsive design theme
  • Repurposed existing content into multiple pages about products and services
  • Installed Google Analytics to track all site traffic
  • Added calls-to-action on most pages along with a new contact form.


The conversion from a one-page to multi-page site was affected in less than a week. Taking longer (and still in development) are the staff photos and biographies. With so many changes taking place in a short timeframe, some things were shifted to a temporary backburner. Bottom line: Our sites are flexible, allowing you to complete one section when another must wait.

Brochure Design – Sidelines, Inc.


BROCHURE DESIGN Sometimes making a client’s products look extra special takes extra special work in Photoshop. While the foodstuffs were photographed in the basket, it wasn’t on the table. And the tablecloth color didn’t match, nor was the table even in the room shown here. The flooring and rug were added as was all the special lighting to tie it together. …But it did sell a lot of bronze-colored baskets!

Metal baskets rarely ellicit the same emotional reaction as photos of cute kitties and adorable puppies. But a client needs as strong an emotional reaction to their products that images of baby animals generate. We provided the client with a complete backstory and set styling instructions for this closet before their photoshoot so that the finished ad and brochure would turn heads. …And they did!

Sneak Peek Video – The Tractor Chronicles, Season 2


Sneak Peek “trailer” videos often take much longer to create and edit because there is so much raw footage to contemplate inclusion. The primary goal is to garner audience interest. (If they leave after but a few seconds of video, you haven’t served them well.)

Having just shot a number of “Tractor Chronicles” segments about planting the winter cover crop, it became a matter of selecting (editing) the most eye-catching sequences to cobble together into a teaser film.

Topping off the challenges in this type of project is selecting and editing the music. First, it’s necessary to determine what mood should be set by the sneak peek film, and then music can be selected to match the mood. On the techical side, it also requires careful editing to match the music’s beat throughout the teaser.

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