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Bayou Closets, Inc.


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Design, Production Supervision

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What our clients have to say

Hide House logo

Hide & Leather House (dba: The Hide House) out of Napa, Ca.. We have been in business a very long time (over 40 years) and found our business growing. Although, we had a wbsite for a long time, it was two years ago we decided to “get with the time” and incorporate the newer technologies available in modern website design-mobile friendly ,etc., in fact we wanted to have an “Amazon” quality website with all of their “bells & whistles”!

After interviewing many web designers, we decided to hand over the reins to Marcia Macomber of Cornucopia Creations to handle this massive project. I am happy to report that with Marcia and her extremely talented team we have brought and launched the nicest website in the country for all things leather!! Beginners and sophisticated users of leather alike can use a world class site that is easy to use, informative, & truly represents the Classy operation that is The Hide House!!

I highly recommend her and her team!! Great people!!!

Rob Deits, President, The Hide & Leather House

Visit The Hide & Leather House to peruse other leather products like this one in the background.

EyeWorks Optometry Logo

I highly recommend Cornucopia Creations. Marcia is very thought provoking and through her marketing analysis a strong marketing foundation is developed – creativity, depth and the big picture of your business is clarified to your audience. TY!!

Sandra Call Sultan, The Eye Works Optometry

Visit The Eye Works Optometry in Napa, California.

Bayou Closet logo

Marcia has handled Bayou Closet’s marketing image for over 15 years. She is wonderfully creative!

Robert W. Dunn, Bayou Closets

Visit Bayou Closets in New Orleans, Louisiana.

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Sonoma Peoples Choice Award 2020

Sonoma Index-Tribune’s Best Web Designer Award

2020 People’s Choice Award

It was an honor to be selected the recipient of this year’s award for best website design.

Who (What) Is the Cornucopia?

I’m not a cornucopia, but I do have endless ideas — something of a requirement in the marking business. I’ll explain more about the cornucopia later. See, I’m more Cole Porter than Rodgers & Hart. (But, please, don’t call me, “Cole.” I’m Marcia Macomber; alas, there’s no “Porter” in the family tree.) Most creative agencies have to employ one person for visuals and another for writing: Pictures and words from separate sources. But my brain doesn’t work that way. I do both!

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KSVY 91.3FM Logo

TUNE IN…to “The Morning Show”

Tune in to “The Morning Show” on Monday mornings, 8-10 a.m. PT on KSVY 91.3FM or live stream at KSVY.org. The show features guests from the Sonoma Valley community and serves to support the residents of the valley. Guests may include local business owners, authors, non-profits, government officials and event managers. Here’s a brief sample from Marcia’s special on the Women’s Vote Centennial Celebration:

Photoshop Layers Edited
Client Logos Designed
Web Pages Created
Dachshunds in Residence

The Power of Great Design – A Case Study

(Slide the arrows below either direction to view the full “Before” and “After” photos.)

Design challenges can be many throughout a project. The bottom line is that clients simply want their products to look fantastic so they’ll sell as many of them as possible. But that doesn’t mean every photo shoot captures the essence of the product…

When the client presented the “before” photo for use in their upcoming product brochure and print ads (on the far left), it was clear that more was needed to show their product line in its best light (literally and figuratively). Thus, it took the marriage of completely separate photos to create one attention-grabbing image (“After” – the right half, which you may slide the arrows back and forth to view fully).

The original table (in the “After” photo) was photographed in front of a wall in another room with different lighting. Add in the table décor; change the light to match; and package it all up to permit space for text and… Voilà! The magic of Photoshop!

Yes, the “After” sold a lot of these basket systems.

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