Marketing any business can be a daunting task. But when you compound that effort with an array of obstacles, climbing that that mountain to success can appear to be more difficult to navigate than ever before. My guest on “Marcia’s Medleys” did just that: She trained for an entirely new career; moved across the country to launch it; had few contacts in her new hometown of Sonoma; and entered the medical profession — not exactly a field for which patients loudly proclaim how magnificent your work is and send referral clients to you in droves.

How do you launch a career as solo practitioner?

Lori Bremer, NCMT, of Rejuventations Massage Therapy, overcame all those obstacles. Learn her strategic plan, which she launched a decade ago as a transplant from New Jersey.

  1. She activitely sought out groups in which to network.
  2. She built her credibility as her patient base grew.
  3. Using the BNI local chapter as her de facto sales team, she accelerated her business’ growth and success.
  4. Her strategy tools included both print and digital (website) collateral to support her business.
  5. She rewarded her patients for their loyalty.

Just imagine: If she does her job exceptionally well, the patient feels fantastic and no longer needs her services. Talk about working your way out of your own business! If ever there was a need for a marketing plan that keeps the pipeline full of prospects, massage therapy has to be at the top of the list. Listen in to learn how she did it and continues to thrive in her practice.

If you prefer to jump around the broadcast recording, here’s where you can find the key points:

Time Topic
1:09 Lori Bremer, NCMT,  Introduction
2:34 Who are the best customers for therapeutic massage?
6:11 About Orthobionomy
11:11 SONG: Money Can’t Buy It – Annie Lennox
17:20 SPONSOR: Rick Bolen Photography
19:59 Health benefits of massage therapy
21:15 Example: Massage therapy success story
22:45 How do your patients find you? What marketing techniques did you employ to grow your practice?
23:32 Lori joined BNI – a business networking group to group contacts
24:33 Referral Marketing is key to success
25:18 Lori on “What we learn from network marketing” – 2-3 networks allows you to maximize connections and referrability
26:33 SONG: Keep Young and Beautiful – Annie Lennox
29:44 Continuing discussion of massage therapy marketing strategy and tactics – Lori discusses which tools she’s employed from website development to print collateral
32:17 How do you get patients to tell others and refer others to you?
38:37 SONG: The Thin Line Between Love and Hate – Annie Lennox
45:03 How does massage therapy address issues such as stress and accidents?
50:03 How did this client find you? What was the marketing source?
51:10 All forms of networking
52:09 SONG: Bitter Pill – Annie Lennox
56:30 What are some of the things folks can do to stay healthy and pain free?