You’ve just bought a new car. Feeling carefree and mighty pleased with yourself, you enjoy the drive home. Upon backing into the driveway to park, however, your brain plays a trick on you, and just as in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” somehow you accidentally hit the wrong pedal when you intend to park. Your brand new, beautiful car lunges through the garage at top speed and out through the backwall, which unfortunately is on the edge of a ravine. More unfortunately, your new car goes over the edge at top speed and lands horribly across trees and rocks, contorting the vehicle’s frame, crumpling the rear end.

Lucky for you the car was going backwards, pointing at the street down the driveway, so you’ve landed without a scrape, in a mostly vertical position, nose pointed to sky after your gaffe with the pedals. But once freed of your not-so-new-looking car peering down from the edge of the ravine at the damage, you see how your car has fared: Totaled!

Just to add insult to injury, the back wall of your house looks like a tank blasted through it with bits of insulation and framing sticking out haphazardly. All this only minutes after driving your new car off the lot without a care in the world!

Who ya gonna call?

Insurance Saves the Day

If you’ve planned well, you’ll simply pick up the phone to your insurance agency. If not, you’ll remember the old adage about closing the barn door after the horses have left. It’s a little late to purchase your insurance policies after a disaster.

Few of us are willing to gamble with our personal lives, choosing to insure our most valuable assets: Life, limb, home and vehicles. Are you willing to gamble with the success of your business? Are you reducing risk by putting in place proven marketing systems?

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Marketing Tactics that Produce Results

On “Marcia’s Medleys,” I spoke with Richard Goertzen, Sr. Representative with Liberty Mutual Insurance, about his 25 years with Liberty Mutual (for which they’re sending him to Boston later this month for a celebration at HQ) and how he’s built a thriving insurance business in Sonoma. Richard answered key questions about his marketing strategy and unique selling proposition that get results, including:

  1. How multi-channel and affinity marketing strategies grow his business;
  2. Liberty Mutual’s unique offerings that set them apart from the competition;
  3. How he builds word-of-mouth referrals, using business networks like BNI;
  4. The importance of putting customers first and letting them know you care; and
  5. What consumers should know when they shop for insurance.

Click the Play button above to hear the replay of the broadcast.  Or reduce your risk of wasting time and jump to one of the discussion sections listed below. You’ll improve your chances of not ending up at the bottom of a ravine.

Time Topic
1:35 Richard Goertzen, Sr. Representative with Liberty Mutual Insurance, Introduction
3:05 What does it take to get to a 25th year anniversary with Liberty Mutual?
3:33 What does Liberty Mutual have to offer that’s different/unique from all the other insurance companies out there?
4:08 Richard: One, multi-channel marketing is the first thing Liberty Mutual does differently.
4:38 Richard: Second, Liberty Mutual uses Affinity Marketing as part of its strategy.
7:47 The Best Is Yet To Come – Tony Bennett and Diana Krall
11:30 SPONSOR: Rick Bolen Photography
13:45 What are the Liberty Mutual product lines and what do you offer here in Sonoma?
14:40 Richard Goertzen describes what is unique about his offering – serving as a risk counselor
16:00 Richard: Auto insurance – new car replacement insurance
19:49 For Once In My Life – Tony Bennett and Stevie Wonder
23:50 What else does Liberty Mutual offer that’s unique?
24:20 Richard: Our affinity marketing with various makers – Mercedes, BMW, Volvo – for OEM Parts and for loyalty
27:00 Richard: The dealers help Liberty Mutual market to the customer
28:00 Richard’s process in working with prospects and customers to assess needs.
29:00 Homeowner’s insurance
31:03 Just In Time – Tony Bennett and Michael Buble
36:20 About bundling multiple policies
39:00 About using BNI as part of marketing strategy and word-of-mouth, working with employer groups such as hospitals and municipalities: presentations, group policies, making friends with customers, fostering referral business
42:00 Richard: The phone doesn’t just magically ring and ring with new customers.
44:44 Put On a Happy Face – Tony Bennett and James Taylor
49:00 The importance of ‘putting on that happy face’ with customers on the phone.
50:34 About Richard’s showing and breeding Australian Shepherd dog hobby.
52:30 Marketing tips: The importance of affinity marketing networks, referrals and so on.
53:13 Richard’s advice: What consumers should know about shopping for insurance
53:55 Richard Goertzen’s contact information