Looking for the slides and handouts from the Napa Chamber/SBDC’s seminar on 5/16/12? You’re in the right place! I’ll leave up these links for a month or so. And, please note, this page is not navigable from my home page, so you’ll need the right URL to find it!

First, thank you for coming to the workshop.

Second, it was quite a lot of information, making it difficult to remember all the key points. Bear in mind the handouts were designed for use in order. I recommend you begin by completing the Marketing Plan Worksheet. Then complete each worksheet in sequence.

Some of the handouts (which didn’t always get handed out) are really complete or excerpts from my past blog posts/newsletters. Wherever that’s the case, I’ve provided the link to the original blog post below also.

There are several other pieces on my blog covering all three social media platforms which you may find useful. You may wish to sign up for my weekly newsletter (in the sidebar at right) to receive future editions, or visit my blog. Currently I’m running a series on Twitter, to be followed by a series on Pinterest in a couple of weeks.

Without further ado, thank you for attending the seminar, and here are your links:

How to Convert Your Social Media Madness Into Wildly Productive Results (PowerPoint Show)


(Click on each link below to view, print or download the PDF. NOTE: Many of the worksheets and tips sheets include links to other, highly-useful articles, tools and blog pages elsewhere. You’ll need the worksheet open online to make the link work.)

  1. Marketing Plan Worksheet
  2. Success Quiz
  3. Keyword Search Worksheet
  4. Customer Search Worksheet
  5. Searching for Signs of Engaging Friends on Facebook (the blog post is here)
  6. Fan-Building Worksheet
  7. Content – Curate and Create to Engage Fans (blog infographic here)
  8. Weekly Planning Calendar / Page Content Planning
  9. 50+ Topics to Keep Your Timeline Bursting with News (the blog post is here)
Here’s a bonus recently published: Many of you asked about being able to sell your goods on Facebook (which you can do through Facebook custom tabs). Check out Social Media Examiner’s How to Use Facebook Apps to Improve Fan Engagement, published the day of our seminar, to learn how to do it!

Twitter (handouts)

(Click on each link below to view, print or download the PDF.)

Please note that I recommend you re-answer the #1 Marketing Plan Worksheet again with Twitter in mind before beginning on this platform (just as the Keyword and Customer Search Worksheets are similar).

  1. Success Quiz
  2. Keyword Search Worksheet
  3. Customer Search Worksheet
  4. Key Steps for Success and Tips & Tricks
  5. Content Ideas and Examples


(Click on each link below to view, print or download the PDF.)

We didn’t have much time for this platform, so this is just an introduction. I’ve also pasted in links to several good articles, videos and more on Pinterest that are listed in the slide show.