You’ve heard the expression, “Make hay while the sun shines!” I’m a little late to the “haymaking,” but I wanted to comment on the recent Supreme Court case decision on marriage equality while the sun was still shining on these long summer days. (Better late than never!)

The Supremes provide great fodder for all manner of creativity this time of year when many of the past year’s rulings are given to the public and become the law of the land.

The edict has landed. The gavel has fallen. The boom lowered.

This leads to the masses expressing their joy or displeasure with the verdicts. In this specific case, the masses were ecstatic and couldn’t contain their joyful expression. Furthermore, in the excitement, they found myriad outlets to express their approval of marriage equality.

From a marketing perspective, these cultural and societal events become perfect opportunities to bolster your own brand by expressing how your company supports the outcome.

  • Is it an opportunity to lead the way on your social channels?
  • Does it warrant a print ad?
  • Is it an opening to send a newsletter to your mailing list?

In this case, social media was a flutter (I can’t say “a twitter” – it’s probably trademarked by now) with creative response. Just look at the myriad expressions of support, from Pride colored product artwork to rainbow colored Skittles mosaics. Did these creative actions result in more sales of Coca-Cola? Skittles, Jack Daniels, Graham Crackers and so on? Hint: If you don’t participate, you’ve no way of knowing whether or not a bump in sales can be attributed to your carpe diem. Just look at what happened at one mom ‘n’ pop restaurant…

Not to leave the dissenting opinion out of the fun, the Morning Glory Diner really “made hay” while the sun shone in their creative copywriting of “Scalia is Douche” egg specials on their menu. They sold out that day. Sales increase!

Case closed!