The Need for Peace vs. The Need for New Customers

Your eyes are closed, muscles are slack, as creams and ointments are gently massaged into your skin, giving you the most luxuriant feeling of total relaxation and calm. All of the sudden the sound of a hairdryer firing up blasts through the quiet, breaking your mood. Next, you hear several voices chattering energetically further shattering your sense of sanctuary. And the thought begins dawn on you that you’d love to get your relaxing facial in complete privacy, where no one can interrupt the mood with their own noises elsewhere in the salon.

That’s exactly what Dianne Gray thought when she was trying to decide if opening her own, one-chair salon was the way to go. It didn’t take long for Dianne to conclude she could serve her extensive client base much better if she had complete control of the environment. After decades of sharing salon space (even those with private treatment rooms), she decided to slather it all on—she’d makeover a room in her own home into a salon to give her clients the most peaceful facials in the Valley of the Moon.

Beauty Takes Work!

Everyone loves to feel they look their best. But no one wants to walk into a crowded salon in their “Before” look for one and all to see. Hence, the one-chair, private salon is the perfect solution for complete comfort for Dianne Gray’s clients. They know they can completely “let their hair down” without intrusion or interruption at this Sonoma business.

In this episode of “Marcia’s Medleys,” Dianne described not only her many services for facials, waxing, manicures and pedicures, but she also explained her winning business strategy to market her salon. After all, she’s not exactly on a main street. There are no walk-ins and no large picture windows to advertise her services to sidewalk passerby.

Learn all about:

  • How skin treatments can vastly improve skin condition.
  • The pros and cons of diversification with a skin care product line to offer clients.
  • Strategies for boosting sales around the holidays.
  • What marketing strategy and tactics work most successfully for a salon owner, manicurist and esthetician.

Click the Play button to hear the replay of the broadcast.  You can jump to the times listed below if a specific topic interests you.

Time Topic
1:20 Introduction: Dianne Gray, Dianne Gray Salon
6:14 I Feel Pretty (Carol Lawrence, Original Broadway Cast “West Side Story”)
9:40 Dianne describes various services offered to salon customers
12:38 Dianne describes the multiple steps of a client appointment for a facial
21:10 What is the best marketing strategy for Dianne Gray Salon?
23:50 How Dianne uses BNI for structured referral marketing
25:11 Pretty Lady (Mandy Patinkin, from “Mandy Patinkin”)
29:00 Dianne on the benefits of salon treatments
30:00 Dianne Gray: Contact me via 707-935-3358 or
31:00 Dianne on additional services such as waxing and brow tinting
32:22 Discussion on value of social media – specifically Facebook for a salon business.
39:22 You’re Sensational (Frank Sinatra, from “High Society”)
44:00 Who are the best customers for a salon?
47:26 Beautiful Girls (Arthur Rubin, from “Follies,” Carnegie Hall Celebration 1985)
53:30 Dianne Gray: Contact me via 707-935-3358 or