Cartooned CornucopiaThe Cornucopia, also known as the ‘horn of plenty’, originated in ancient times when Zeus accidentally broke a horn off the goat Amalthea. Feeling remorseful, Zeus returned the horn to Amalthea, and vested it with new powers: Whoever possesses the cornucopia (horn) would be granted whatever he or she wished for. Over time, the legend of the power of the horn grew, of course, and it’s been long believed that the cornucopia is always filled and overflowing with whatever is desired….

At Cornucopia Creations, we are always overflowing with great ideas. We offer the bounty of endless ways to help our clients achieve their goals. Whether you need a new website, logo, a brochure or need a comprehensive marketing campaign, our cornucopia ‘runneth over’ (to mix our metaphors) with solutions. Call 707.721.1095 or email us today at to find out what we can do for you!