Erte  - Cornucopia, AchievementThis bronze sculpture was created by the famous Art Deco artist, Erté. Most famous for his fashion and costume designs, this French artist was well-known for crafting works decorated with baubles, bangles, beads and all manner of riches! He was also well-known for his whimsy and tongue-in-cheek sense of humor.

I love his depiction of the Cornucopia being so heavily-laden with gold coin that it requires wheels to move it. In fact, the cast bronze sculpture is finished in white and gold leaf, as well as silver facet bead chain. (I can only hope the lady is wheeling home her booty so she can count it all!)

His Russian birth name may have been Romain de Tirtoff, but Erté’s middle name was undoubtedly Luxury! Clearly he understood the bounty of cornucopias.