22 03, 2012

Putting Your Best (Business) Face on Facebook


Ready or not! Here Timeline comes!

Like the familiar children’s game, Facebook’s Timeline layout seeks you out and arrives on your fan page March 30th – whether you’re ready of not!

Like all great software out there, just as soon as you’ve gotten really comfortable using the features as they are now, they change them all.

Many businesses have already made the transition to the layout. (It’s optional until March 30th.) Curious how your page will look in […]

Putting Your Best (Business) Face on Facebook2018-01-17T15:31:13-08:00
7 07, 2011

Webinars: Getting to Broadway


Mickey and Judy at 42nd Street
“Hey, Kids! Let’s put on a show!” yells the ever-enthusiastic Mickey Rooney to Judy Garland and the rest of the talented youngsters standing below him.  Then, in a matter of less than a minute, we get clips of rehearsals, set building, costume fittings, and Voila! They’re on Broadway on a stage that would fill a football stadium – or MGM’s backlot.

It looks so easy: […]

Webinars: Getting to Broadway2011-10-16T22:26:23-07:00
26 01, 2011

Success is in the Details


Make Every Word Count

I was listening to a webinar last week, and the presenter mentioned an interesting statistic that caught my attention. He had run an ad with two headlines (known as an A/B Test) to see which one was most successful. The first headline was:

Put More Money in Your Pocket!

And the second was:

Puts More Money in Your Pocket!

The second headline was 76% more successful in closing sales than the first […]

Success is in the Details2011-10-28T22:18:15-07:00
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