18 07, 2015

Website Design in Your Marketing Strategy

2016-12-11T16:09:19-08:00July 18, 2015|KSVY Radio, Online Marketing, Value of Good Design, Website Design|

For any business, a website has long been as essential as we used to think business cards were. Websites serve as our business’ 24/7/365 “open store.” No matter where you are on the planet, in any time zone (as long as you have internet access), you can find out quite a lot about any business with a public website. (And with the advent of social media; open review platforms like Yelp; and searches on Google; we now […]

11 04, 2013

Create a Good Sucking Sound

2018-01-17T15:31:08-08:00April 11, 2013|Advertising, Good Business Practices, Marketing, Value of Good Design|

A few years back I wrote about how many impressions it takes for a prospect to recognize, ponder and eventually take action on your marketing efforts. In it I told the story of a gentleman who had taken up to 20 ad impressions to register, consider and finally, ask his wife to buy the product in question. (It was 1885 after all.)

Reading through the gentleman’s emotional response after each impression was a bit like […]

9 03, 2012

Print Isn’t Dead!

2018-01-17T15:31:14-08:00March 9, 2012|Advertising, Branding, Graphic Design, Marketing, Promotions, Value of Good Design|

Just finished a new brochure for Ironwood Landcrafters. You can find a snapshot of it on my Brochures page as well as below.

Why create printed collateral in this digital day-in-age? Simple, a good fifty percent of the business and consumer world still prefers the tactile experience of holding and reading a paper brochure. It’s cast more in stone (per se) than the fleeting changes seen on […]

13 04, 2011

The Value of Good Design

2011-10-24T00:20:49-07:00April 13, 2011|Advertising, Branding, Graphic Design, Marketing, Online Marketing, Value of Good Design|

Part 3 on the Elements of Good Design

Amnesty International - Soccer Ball Ad for Puerto Rico 2008
Coke vs. Pepsi – a familiar battle, no?

(No, I’m not asking you to draw a connection between soccer and these cola brands.)

Last year Pepsi didn’t run a single ad in the Super Bowl. This year they did, along with arch rival, Coke. Turns out Pepsi got a big surprise last year: Social media […]

16 03, 2011

Made You Look!

2011-10-24T01:02:41-07:00March 16, 2011|Advertising, Branding, Graphic Design, Marketing, Value of Good Design|

Part 2 on the Elements of Good Design

Lamborghini Driving Ad

Do you ever stop to look at an ad in a magazine, billboard or newspaper just because it looks great?

That’s what advertisers are hoping – even if you’re not the target market.

Getting folks to stop and look at a printed ad or an online banner ad is the name of the game. Some marketing executives estimate we are bombarded by […]

9 03, 2011

Sunday – NOT in the Park – But at My Desk

2011-10-24T01:14:38-07:00March 9, 2011|Advertising, Branding, Graphic Design, Marketing, Value of Good Design|

Part 1 on the Elements of Good Design

Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte

Dot, I cannot read this word.

Dot (she looks at the notebook):

These were George Seurat’s words in Stephen Sondheim’s fabulous musical, “Sunday in the Park with George.” Between his stunning painting (one of my favorites) and his notes above, it pretty much summarizes what you need to know about design.

What? Not […]

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