22 02, 2012

How to Get Your Target Audience Begging for More


Part Four in a series on the Marketing Equation.

nce upon a time there was a small business owner. She wasn’t herself small. She owned what was technically known as a “small business.”

This exceptionally bright “small business” owner (okay, call it an animal behavior consultancy) was unusually talented at not only understanding pets’ behavior problems but also in teaching pet owners […]

How to Get Your Target Audience Begging for More2018-01-17T15:31:14-08:00
7 02, 2011

What Grabs Your Attention?


We are bombarded by an average of 10,000 ads a day. Probably at least 9,995 of them we ignore. That’s everything from online banner ads to print and TV commercials. Friend, what makes you stop and look?

Anyone who’s known me for a long, long time knows I was a big fan of this routine below back in the day. So when I first saw this Volkswagen Jetta commercial it stopped me in my tracks.

Can’t Look […]

What Grabs Your Attention?2011-10-25T04:54:17-07:00
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