5 12, 2012

Get a Specific Vision for Greatest Success

Person looking thru binoculars
“My company makes $30 million a year and has two dozen branches throughout the northwest. There are up to a dozen staff in each office. They are excited to provide our services to X business industry and partner with dynamic related industries. We pay them very well within this business category as I strongly believe they are our greatest asset. On average they […]
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18 10, 2012

Mission Possible: Big Marketing

“It is our attitude at the beginning of a difficult task which, more than anything else, will affect its successful outcome." -William James

I’ve had a difficult task in front of my face for some time. I’ve been supremely good at finding ways to procrastinate getting this project done. There’s the really good excuse: lots of other client projects that pop up. There’s the wimp out excuse: doing […]

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2 08, 2012

Successful Marketing Is a Two-Way Street


Brian Signorelli’s Why I Fired My Marketing Agency article on Hubspot got my attention right away. After all, I wanted to know what big mistake(s) this guy’s agency made and what I should do to avoid it myself. (All those negatives don’t add up to a positive.)

Since I got a lot of feedback on my piece last week, Using the 80/20 Marketing Rule to Vastly Increase Sales, […]

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10 05, 2012

Why Twitter Builds Your Target Audience


Many folks ask me why they should invest in using Twitter if they already have a Facebook page (and vice versa). After all, a tweet lasts but a few seconds and then it’s gone, lost in the stream.

  • Yes, although many people use both platforms, many do not. So you are expanding your reach.
  • For those who do follow you on both Facebook and Twitter, your message is reinforced by being […]
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28 03, 2012

Save Massive Time with the Secret Tools at Your Fingertips


Hands on a Keyboard

There you are: You’ve found a terrific article about your industry you’d like to post to Facebook for your fans to see. Even better, there’s a fabulous quote you’d like to include in your Status Update explaining what the link is all about.

You take a moment to click the mouse at the top of the quote and drag the mouse across the […]

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21 01, 2012

Occupy Marketing!


They were at it again Friday, rain or shine.

(Why on earth is she sending out her newsletter on Saturday, of all days? I’ll tell you why: Testing! Testing! Testing! Research shows Saturday is a wildly successful day for email marketing. So I say, “Prove it!” I’ll let you know the results.)

As rain pelted the San Francisco Bay Area (for the first time seemingly in months), occupiers were doing their thing […]

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7 12, 2011

Fall Into Your Goals


Falls Colors in Napa
I’m absolutely stunned each time I walk outside at the continuing fall beauty. I have a few extra advantages here that may not be available to everyone. First, I have a dog, whom I prefer to walk instead of just let her loose in the yard (which she also gets to enjoy). So I’m outside by her necessity more often than the non-dog-walking population. (I will skip […]

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1 12, 2011

Mission: The Moon!


“Let’s go to the moon!”

It might as well have been Mickey Rooney telling Judy, “Let’s put on a show!” Both goals likely seemed unattainable when first considered by those tasked with attaining them.

As an audience member watching the screen we simply saw a speed-through of rehearsals, set-building, costume fittings and voila! Opening night with a packed house was upon Mickey and Judy and all those kids with big dreams of […]

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24 08, 2011

The Magic Productivity Formula


Dachshund Watching Over Me

What’s so magical about a productivity formula? It’s magical because if you follow it, it works!

Day in and day out, you can work your patootie off and not be productive. (I have those days. I just feel dreadful that I haven’t been nearly as productive as I hoped with my time.)

On the other hand, if I’ve got my ducks in a row, my day planned out […]

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18 08, 2011

Transform Your Desktop


My Desk in August!

“The desk of the average white collar worker holds 36 hours of uncompleted work. That desk’s occupant spends 3 hours per week sorting piles to find and organize the projects being worked upon.”
From The Overload Syndrome, by Richard Swenson

Productivity starts with a well-ordered desk for me. (No, it doesn’t start with a glass of champagne. I’ll get […]

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