7 12, 2011

Fall Into Your Goals

2011-12-06T23:11:19-08:00December 7, 2011|Business Success, Opportunity, Productivity, Sales|

Falls Colors in Napa
I’m absolutely stunned each time I walk outside at the continuing fall beauty. I have a few extra advantages here that may not be available to everyone. First, I have a dog, whom I prefer to walk instead of just let her loose in the yard (which she also gets to enjoy). So I’m outside by her necessity more often than the non-dog-walking population. (I will skip […]

17 06, 2011

5 Easy Tips to See More Opportunities

2011-10-16T22:52:56-07:00June 17, 2011|Business Success, Marketing, Opportunity|

Summer has arrived in wine country (at last) leaving a trail of beauty everywhere. While it makes it tough to stay in the office, the garden provides excellent reminders of the elements to make your business special — to you and to your customers.
Peach Roses - Don't Miss Roses in Bloom
Some business opportunities come with only a brief open window. Don’t fail to see it! Perhaps it’s a chance […]

31 03, 2011

Where Did They Go?

2011-10-24T00:53:34-07:00March 31, 2011|Advertising, Branding, Business Success, Email Marketing, Marketing, Opportunity, Sales|

Empty Theater Pic

The economic downturn has not exactly been the easiest thing in the world from which to rebound.

Some of us have businesses that have continued to chug along nicely in these challenging times. Many of us have scrambled to revamp our businesses, in search of new markets when our old ones up and vanished.

If you’re still wondering, ‘What happened?’ or ‘Where do I find new leads and sales?’ […]

24 03, 2011

Keeping the Pipeline Full

2011-10-24T00:57:53-07:00March 24, 2011|Advertising, Branding, Marketing, Opportunity, Sales|

2 Women Ideal Clients
Isn’t that always the challenge? Keeping the pipeline chock full of eager clients just dying to buy your stuff?

Who are these fabulous clients who think you’re the best thing since sliced bread? How much do you know about your ideal clients? If your pipeline isn’t exactly bursting with these wonderful clients (or the steady flow is down to a trickle), perhaps the fish have moved to […]

20 01, 2011

Being Liked – The First Step to Closing the Sale

2011-10-28T22:27:54-07:00January 20, 2011|Business Success, Entrepreneurs, Marketing, Opportunity, Promotions, Sales|

Indeed, Sally Field had the right idea. The Oscar voters did “really, really like” her. And her award for Best Actress likely brought in more scripts and more jobs for her.

Put your best foot forward, per se, when greeting visitors.

The first step to closing the sale often has to do with being liked by prospective customers. After all, you are your own best marketing tool. If your business relies heavily upon referrals and upon meeting […]

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