1 03, 2012

78 Calls To Action!


Part Five (and last!) in a series on the Marketing Equation
Action! Film Slate

You’ve rehearsed; set the scene; and actors are waiting in the wings (per se). Curtain up! And…  Action!

That’s the general idea in the Marketing Equation: You’ve grabbed your audience’s attention, convinced them through engagement to stick around for more. With your keen dramatic sensibilities you’ve got them on the edges of their seats […]

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22 02, 2012

How to Get Your Target Audience Begging for More


Part Four in a series on the Marketing Equation.

nce upon a time there was a small business owner. She wasn’t herself small. She owned what was technically known as a “small business.”

This exceptionally bright “small business” owner (okay, call it an animal behavior consultancy) was unusually talented at not only understanding pets’ behavior problems but also in teaching pet owners […]

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8 02, 2012

4 Easy Steps to Engage Prospects



“Engage!” was the command provided each week by Capt. Jean-Luc Picard in the Star Trek: The Next Generation series. So often intoned, it could be heard around water coolers everywhere back in the day.

Why? It spoke to hope. It was the promise of exploration, finding something new, our endless curiosity and a subtle message that we were along for the ride. Everyone loves adventure!

(If you weren’t or aren’t a Trekkie, this command was used as a replacement for […]

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27 01, 2012

Attention, Please!


Part Two in a series on the Marketing Equation. Part One, Occupy Marketing, introduced the Marketing Equation.
Amos Hart sings Mr. Cellophane

If you’ve dabbled on the Boards, watched a play, or haunted the comedy houses, you already know the drill: “What’s the most important thing in comedy?”


See? It doesn’t work on the written page. The rhythm of reading isn’t related to the rhythm of comic delivery. But you know what […]

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21 01, 2012

Occupy Marketing!


They were at it again Friday, rain or shine.

(Why on earth is she sending out her newsletter on Saturday, of all days? I’ll tell you why: Testing! Testing! Testing! Research shows Saturday is a wildly successful day for email marketing. So I say, “Prove it!” I’ll let you know the results.)

As rain pelted the San Francisco Bay Area (for the first time seemingly in months), occupiers were doing their thing […]

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