1 03, 2018

Waiting for Marketing Results

2018-03-01T14:44:27-08:00March 1, 2018|Business Success, Direct Mail, Good Business Practices, KSVY Radio, Marketing|

Waiting for Marketing Results

Anticipation. It fuels the world!

Just like waiting for that perfect cup of coffee, every business owner has a vision of what will happen once their marketing campaign kicks in and sends a flood of new business to them.

If you’re like the zillions of coffee lovers in the world, you anticipate the aroma of percolating coffee and espresso. You know exactly how you feel when you get that warm ceramic mug in your […]

15 10, 2015

All the Comforts of Home Leads to Business Success

2016-12-11T16:09:18-08:00October 15, 2015|Good Business Practices, KSVY Radio, Marketing|

For Bonnie Walner, owner of RE:Design in Sonoma, her work as an interior designer and master gardener is most satisfactory when the client beams with pride and joy at finally having the home of their dreams.

While many still incorrectly assume employing an interior designer is a luxury, Bonnie explains in this episode of “Marcia’s Medleys” that most clients actually save money using her services AND get a beautiful home all […]

13 10, 2015

Turning the Light on an Electrical Career

2016-12-11T16:09:18-08:00October 13, 2015|Business Success, KSVY Radio, Marketing|

Bill Welch’s Northern Lights Electric has been turning on the power for Sonoma homes and businesses for forty years. He didn’t start in Sonoma, but a few wayward sheep did change the trajectory of things along the way. (More on that later.)

With a long family history as electricians (and his son currently running with the torch in the family business), Bill Welch described the growth of his business. From staking out construction sites, inevitably […]

8 09, 2015

How Coaching Keeps You on the Road to Success

2016-12-11T16:09:18-08:00September 8, 2015|Business Success, Entrepreneurs, KSVY Radio|

You’re an entrepreneur.

You got into business for yourself so that you could call all your own shots. You relished the idea that every last decision about the business to be made by you.

But when you began your business you had no idea how many different hats you’d have to wear to make your business successful. Now you’ve got too many decisions to make and you’re worried you’ve begun to second guess yourself. Which decisions […]

3 09, 2015

Creating a Fresh Face for a Salon Business

2016-12-11T16:09:18-08:00September 3, 2015|Entrepreneurs, KSVY Radio, Marketing|

The Need for Peace vs. The Need for New Customers

Your eyes are closed, muscles are slack, as creams and ointments are gently massaged into your skin, giving you the most luxuriant feeling of total relaxation and calm. All of the sudden the sound of a hairdryer firing up blasts through the quiet, breaking your mood. Next, you hear several voices chattering energetically further shattering your sense of sanctuary. And the thought begins dawn on […]

30 08, 2015

Woof! Marketing a Successful Veterinary Practice

2016-12-11T16:09:18-08:00August 30, 2015|Business Success, Good Business Practices, KSVY Radio, Marketing, Online Marketing, Social Media|

“Woof! Woof! Woof!”

This may be one of the most enthusiast patient referrals ever given. But unfortunately, as Rich Lee, co-owner of Arroyo Veterinary Hospital in Sonoma, Calif., likes to point out, “Pets don’t talk!” So we’ll never know if that was, “Arroyo Vet is great!” or “Let me at that postman!”

Thus, the need for a way to market excellent veterinary services is stronger than ever.

Our pets may be referring their dog and […]

12 08, 2015

Fundamentals of Marketing: Where to Get Started

2016-12-11T16:09:18-08:00August 12, 2015|Advertising, Branding, Entrepreneurs, KSVY Radio, Marketing|

Some would say marketing is EVERYTHING you do for your business that makes any kind of impression on your target market, from the way that the receptionist answers the phone, to your advertising and customer service. And while it’s true that anything public-facing will make either a positive or negative impression on prospects and customers, that definition is so all-encompassing it’s not particularly helpful at understanding where to focus your attention in order to […]

5 08, 2015

Insuring for Success: Use Proven Marketing Systems to Reduce Risk

2016-12-11T16:09:19-08:00August 5, 2015|KSVY Radio, Marketing, Referral Marketing|

You’ve just bought a new car. Feeling carefree and mighty pleased with yourself, you enjoy the drive home. Upon backing into the driveway to park, however, your brain plays a trick on you, and just as in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” somehow you accidentally hit the wrong pedal when you intend to park. Your brand new, beautiful car lunges through the garage at top speed and out through the backwall, which unfortunately is on […]

18 07, 2015

Website Design in Your Marketing Strategy

2016-12-11T16:09:19-08:00July 18, 2015|KSVY Radio, Online Marketing, Value of Good Design, Website Design|

For any business, a website has long been as essential as we used to think business cards were. Websites serve as our business’ 24/7/365 “open store.” No matter where you are on the planet, in any time zone (as long as you have internet access), you can find out quite a lot about any business with a public website. (And with the advent of social media; open review platforms like Yelp; and searches on Google; we now […]

12 07, 2015

Launching and Marketing a Solo Massage Therapy Business Practice

2016-12-11T16:09:19-08:00July 12, 2015|Good Business Practices, KSVY Radio, Marketing, Referral Marketing|

Marketing any business can be a daunting task. But when you compound that effort with an array of obstacles, climbing that that mountain to success can appear to be more difficult to navigate than ever before. My guest on “Marcia’s Medleys” did just that: She trained for an entirely new career; moved across the country to launch it; had few contacts in her new hometown of Sonoma; and entered the medical profession — not exactly a field […]

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