1 12, 2011

Mission: The Moon!


“Let’s go to the moon!”

It might as well have been Mickey Rooney telling Judy, “Let’s put on a show!” Both goals likely seemed unattainable when first considered by those tasked with attaining them.

As an audience member watching the screen we simply saw a speed-through of rehearsals, set-building, costume fittings and voila! Opening night with a packed house was upon Mickey and Judy and all those kids with big dreams of […]

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27 05, 2011

What Are Your Sources of Inspiration?


Botticelli's Venus Reading Online
Inspiration comes from everywhere, but today, I’m just looking at inspiration sources online.

Like you, I subscribe to an array of newsletters, RSS feeds (but I’m terrible at checking back at them), and social media contacts who continually post links to great publications, writers and articles. Here are some favorites:

Seth Godin – The Godfather of great daily business blogging. For those of us in the marketing biz, […]

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29 04, 2011

How Do You Connect Everything?


Criticism Mind Map Sample Pic
I’m probably an anomaly as a reader of others’ newsletters and content marketing. So many of these publications arrive in my inbox that it’s quite the task to sort through them, read, digest and move on.

Much of the content is excellent. Some arrive daily, others weekly. Those with whom my connection feels like they’re way out circling with Pluto arrive but only monthly or quarterly. […]

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22 04, 2011

Recharge Your Batteries?


Recharge of Life by Erik Kucera
Happy Good Friday, Everyone!

I could say I planned this week’s newsletter for a timely delivery delay… I could say it was a MailChimp server delivery snafu… Or I could say there was a major newsflash causing me to completely scrap my planned article for something new.

But on this lovely Earth Day and cusp of Easter Weekend, the last I checked the earth was […]

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6 04, 2011

Writing with the *Stars*


Pic of 2 Ballroom Dancers Feet
Shakespeare? …Dickens? …Mark Twain? …Edgar Allan Poe?

I was thinking more along the lines of David Ogilvy or Leo Burnett, two gurus of the advertising world who knew a bon mot when they saw one (as did the others above).

I was trying to come up with a witty headline for this newsletter. “How ‘Dancing with the Stars’ Can Improve Your Marketing Message” is simply too […]

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7 02, 2011

What Grabs Your Attention?


We are bombarded by an average of 10,000 ads a day. Probably at least 9,995 of them we ignore. That’s everything from online banner ads to print and TV commercials. Friend, what makes you stop and look?

Anyone who’s known me for a long, long time knows I was a big fan of this routine below back in the day. So when I first saw this Volkswagen Jetta commercial it stopped me in my tracks.

Can’t Look […]

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19 01, 2011

Never Go Negative


Want to keep the customers you’ve got? Make sure you don’t send them away (or even the prospective clients) with the wrong message.

Since the week that began with Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, I thought of all those ads that spend too much time focusing on what the customer does wrong. Rev. King was quite a successful man because he didn’t focus on what you were doing wrong; he merely tried to turn our attention to what to do right.

I […]

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