13 07, 2011

Tips on Readability


The readability of the content you’ve spent so much time (and/or money) writing can be wasted if it’s difficult to read. Here are 11 tips to increase readability on your site:

11 Typesetting Rules to Bear in Mind

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4 05, 2011

How to Waste Your Design Dollars in One Easy Step


Part 4 on the Elements of Good Design

No Contrast? No Like-y!

I opened my snail mail and there it was: fodder for a newsletter. I should state up front that I’m a member of this winery, so I periodically receive promotions and news from them (usually by email), and I still love their wine. But this stopped me cold in my tracks. Quel dommage!

Why is it so important for you, the non-designer, […]

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13 04, 2011

The Value of Good Design


Part 3 on the Elements of Good Design

Amnesty International - Soccer Ball Ad for Puerto Rico 2008
Coke vs. Pepsi – a familiar battle, no?

(No, I’m not asking you to draw a connection between soccer and these cola brands.)

Last year Pepsi didn’t run a single ad in the Super Bowl. This year they did, along with arch rival, Coke. Turns out Pepsi got a big surprise last year: Social media […]

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16 03, 2011

Made You Look!


Part 2 on the Elements of Good Design

Lamborghini Driving Ad

Do you ever stop to look at an ad in a magazine, billboard or newspaper just because it looks great?

That’s what advertisers are hoping – even if you’re not the target market.

Getting folks to stop and look at a printed ad or an online banner ad is the name of the game. Some marketing executives estimate we are bombarded by […]

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9 03, 2011

Sunday – NOT in the Park – But at My Desk


Part 1 on the Elements of Good Design

Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte

Dot, I cannot read this word.

Dot (she looks at the notebook):

These were George Seurat’s words in Stephen Sondheim’s fabulous musical, “Sunday in the Park with George.” Between his stunning painting (one of my favorites) and his notes above, it pretty much summarizes what you need to know about design.

What? Not […]

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