22 07, 2015

Will You Make More Sales with a Wine Label Colored Red?

2016-12-11T16:09:19-08:00July 22, 2015|Advertising, Graphic Design, Marketing, Sales|

Wine Intelligence just surveyed 900 regular, wine-drinking Americans to find out if label color influences their purchasing decisions. The result?

“Our research suggests that simply changing a packaging colour can explain a 22% increase in “intent to purchase” and an increase of $0.50 of expected price (comparing Red vs. Grey).”

Voila! You can read the short report to get all the details. But it appears to be a well-planned and executed survey—not “garbage in, garbage out” […]

14 07, 2015

Getting Creative

2016-12-11T16:09:19-08:00July 14, 2015|Art, Branding, Graphic Design, Marketing, Social Media|

You’ve heard the expression, “Make hay while the sun shines!” I’m a little late to the “haymaking,” but I wanted to comment on the recent Supreme Court case decision on marriage equality while the sun was still shining on these long summer days. (Better late than never!)

The Supremes provide great fodder for all manner of creativity this time of year when many of the past year’s rulings are given to the public and become the law of […]

30 04, 2013

Are You Showcasing?

2016-12-11T16:09:19-08:00April 30, 2013|Business Success, Entrepreneurs, Graphic Design, Marketing|

Last week I attended the Napa Chamber of Commerce’s Napa Valley Business Showcase and Women in Business and Technology Symposium at the Meritage Resort. My visit had a number of purposes. (Tip #1: If you plan to attend a trade show, you better go with some specific goals in mind. Otherwise you get mighty disappointed, especially when you have to walk a long distance from where you parked your car to attend the event.)

6 09, 2012

Why You Can’t Get 2 Different Buyers with 1 Ad

2018-01-17T15:31:11-08:00September 6, 2012|Advertising, Graphic Design, Marketing, Promotions, Sales|

2-for-1 Meat Sale at Raley's ad

Oh, my! We do love our “2 for 1” deals, don’t we?

Two meat products for the price of one.

(We know, of course, that the seller has priced it so they make slightly lower margins on two units even if they’ve worded it that they’re giving one item away. If they actually gave away every second unit of something, they’d go out of business!)

We […]

8 08, 2012

12 TIPS for Creating Great Brochures

2018-01-17T15:31:11-08:00August 8, 2012|Advertising, Branding, Brochures, Copywriting, Graphic Design, Marketing|

R Cornucopia Image
Here are a dozen quick tips to ensure your product or services brochure has everything you need, everything your prospects want, and makes it a breeze to close the sale:
~ 1 ~
Determine your specific target market you aim to sell to with this brochure before any other considerations.
~ 2 ~
Create a plan to distribute your […]
9 03, 2012

Print Isn’t Dead!

2018-01-17T15:31:14-08:00March 9, 2012|Advertising, Branding, Graphic Design, Marketing, Promotions, Value of Good Design|

Just finished a new brochure for Ironwood Landcrafters. You can find a snapshot of it on my Brochures page as well as below.

Why create printed collateral in this digital day-in-age? Simple, a good fifty percent of the business and consumer world still prefers the tactile experience of holding and reading a paper brochure. It’s cast more in stone (per se) than the fleeting changes seen on […]

8 03, 2012

Love of Beauty

2018-01-17T15:31:14-08:00March 8, 2012|Art, Graphic Design|

Love of Beauty

Our winter may not have been a zinger this year, but I am nevertheless always thrilled to see the Magnolia tree on our street bloom. It’s such a short window of time before the blooms begin fading and fall to the ground. The quotation just seemed to fit, matching the gorgeous Sunday I snapped this in February.

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