11 04, 2013

Create a Good Sucking Sound

2018-01-17T15:31:08-08:00April 11, 2013|Advertising, Good Business Practices, Marketing, Value of Good Design|

A few years back I wrote about how many impressions it takes for a prospect to recognize, ponder and eventually take action on your marketing efforts. In it I told the story of a gentleman who had taken up to 20 ad impressions to register, consider and finally, ask his wife to buy the product in question. (It was 1885 after all.)

Reading through the gentleman’s emotional response after each impression was a bit like […]

11 02, 2013

Just Trust Me

2018-01-17T15:31:08-08:00February 11, 2013|Business Success, Good Business Practices|

“Trust me.”

Words spoken (and written) by friends, lovers, spouses, colleagues, children, pleading pets’ eyes and even our enemies.

Most likely you put many companies in the latter group. Most certainly many of us generally put banks in that group after the last few years. (Mind you I’m referring to institutions – not specific individuals who work for them.)

We often think of anyone selling to us as an enemy…who […]

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