30 03, 2020

Email Signature Dos and Don’ts

2020-03-30T13:36:46-07:00March 30, 2020|Business Success, Email Marketing, Good Business Practices, Marketing|

Recently I was asked about designing email signatures. I had designed (and redesigned) my own sig block long ago, complete with logo and links to my social channels. I had also designed a few for clients, keeping the design very simple, with just the basic elements included.

As the years have passed, however, I’ve begun to receive a few emails with elaborate signature blocks, including images, even video or animations (GIFs). And I’ve reminded more than […]

15 11, 2012

Who (and What) Do You Trust?

2018-01-17T15:31:10-08:00November 15, 2012|Advertising, Business Success, Direct Mail, Email Marketing, Marketing, Online Marketing, Social Media|

Elephant and Dog PhotoLike. Trust. Credibility.

This is the order in which we make decisions to hire a company or individual, or how we buy a product. In the “Like” stage, the Buyer either has a positive feeling about the brand or has a sense of enjoyment talking with you. Passing this first test can occur very quickly. But if a Buyer doesn’t have the […]

8 11, 2012

Do I know what’s most important for your marketing?

2018-01-17T15:31:10-08:00November 8, 2012|Email Marketing, Facebook, Marketing, Online Marketing, Social Media, Twitter|

Karnak The MagnificentThat depends upon how closely my ideas resonate with you when you read my newsletter.

If you find the content to be exactly the information you need to make sound marketing decisions for your business, then I’m on track. On the other hand, if you find yourself shaking your head going, “I could never do that!” then you should probably tell me you need different content […]

6 10, 2012

Is a Picture Worth 1000 Words?

2018-01-17T15:31:10-08:00October 6, 2012|Branding, Email Marketing, Facebook, Marketing, Online Marketing, Pinterest, Social Media|

After discussing all the many ways you can create a photo from text or informational content earlier this week, I received a few more queries about how to make them into photos and what other options would engage fans and customers in the images.

Just in case you missed it, or if you hadn’t noticed, photos gain more attention and engagement than just these words all by themselves. Putting your words into images gives […]

8 02, 2012

4 Easy Steps to Engage Prospects

2018-01-17T15:31:14-08:00February 8, 2012|Advertising, Copywriting, Email Marketing, Marketing, Marketing Equation, Online Marketing|


“Engage!” was the command provided each week by Capt. Jean-Luc Picard in the Star Trek: The Next Generation series. So often intoned, it could be heard around water coolers everywhere back in the day.

Why? It spoke to hope. It was the promise of exploration, finding something new, our endless curiosity and a subtle message that we were along for the ride. Everyone loves adventure!

(If you weren’t or aren’t a Trekkie, this command was used as a replacement for […]

14 12, 2011

Deck the Halls with Lots of Marketing

2011-12-14T18:27:52-08:00December 14, 2011|Advertising, Business Success, Email Marketing, Marketing, Online Marketing, Opportunity|

Garland boughs with marketing social media icons
Does this happen to you: You begin thinking about your goals for the New Year and start ticking off all the things you didn’t get done this year? (Ugh.) Then you get bummed out since you were sure you’d get all those things implemented in your marketing plan this year. (…Sigh.)

Relax. It’s normal. (But who wants to be normal?!)

We linger over ‘woulda, coulda, shoulda,’ […]

28 10, 2011

Is There Truth in Your Advertising?

2011-10-28T22:03:06-07:00October 28, 2011|Advertising, Branding, Copywriting, Email Marketing, Marketing, Online Marketing, Promotions, Sales|

Spencers Pulomic Elixir

“100% Guaranteed!”

“Make $1 Million in 10 Days!”

“Instantly Cures Baldness”

These promises in advertising have been around for …well… as long as there have been snake oil salesmen.

Most don’t buy into it. Of course, if you don’t know the claims an ad makes are too far fetched to be true, you might buy it in the hope it will solve your problem. Hence, the […]

31 08, 2011

Building Your Email Treasure Chest

2011-10-13T03:06:37-07:00August 31, 2011|Advertising, Branding, Email Marketing, Marketing, Online Marketing, Social Media|

Treasure Chest

You’ve got your first newsletter or blog post written and ready-to-go. You’re itching to get it out and hit the Send button.

You’ve got another dozen ideas behind it for future posts you’ll send out every week or two. You’re raring to go! But, oh, wait! – You’ve only got a few dozen email addresses collected from customers and colleagues you’ve met recently. (Sigh.)

Where else do you find good […]

21 07, 2011

Would You Like a Magic Wand?

2011-10-16T22:07:38-07:00July 21, 2011|Copywriting, Email Marketing, Marketing, Online Marketing|

Hour Glass Image

Have you ever wished you could go around to each of your clients with a magic wand and Boom! You strike them on the head and suddenly they know each and every wonderful thing (read: benefit) about your product or service?

That’s how I felt yesterday morning.

The Plan

I was one of two speakers for a seminar on Email Marketing Best Practices. The room was packed. We had a […]

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