1 03, 2018

Waiting for Marketing Results

2018-03-01T14:44:27-08:00March 1, 2018|Business Success, Direct Mail, Good Business Practices, KSVY Radio, Marketing|

Waiting for Marketing Results

Anticipation. It fuels the world!

Just like waiting for that perfect cup of coffee, every business owner has a vision of what will happen once their marketing campaign kicks in and sends a flood of new business to them.

If you’re like the zillions of coffee lovers in the world, you anticipate the aroma of percolating coffee and espresso. You know exactly how you feel when you get that warm ceramic mug in your […]

15 11, 2012

Who (and What) Do You Trust?

2018-01-17T15:31:10-08:00November 15, 2012|Advertising, Business Success, Direct Mail, Email Marketing, Marketing, Online Marketing, Social Media|

Elephant and Dog PhotoLike. Trust. Credibility.

This is the order in which we make decisions to hire a company or individual, or how we buy a product. In the “Like” stage, the Buyer either has a positive feeling about the brand or has a sense of enjoyment talking with you. Passing this first test can occur very quickly. But if a Buyer doesn’t have the […]

16 02, 2011

The Ancient Secret to Direct Mail Treasure

2011-10-25T04:39:57-07:00February 16, 2011|Advertising, Business Success, Direct Mail, Marketing|

Ancient Secret to Direct Mail Treasure Artwork

There can be more hidden trap doors, bottomless pits, and rooms full of slithering snakes to dodge in order to run a successful direct mail campaign than in an Indiana Jones adventure movie. When discussing marketing tactics to employ with a new client, it’s not unusual for me to hear: “We did a big mailing last year; we didn’t get any calls off […]

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