6 08, 2023

How to Gain Clarity and Readability: Write for Flesch Reading Ease


READ THIS! (Yeah, right…lol) It’s a common problem: You want folks to read your newsletters, white papers, your website pages, social media and blog posts. But you don’t have time yourself to read others’ material. Sound familiar? So how do you get folks to read what you have to say? Easy. Improve your writing’s readability. Become a better writer. (I see your eye roll!) Start with the Hemingway Editor. It will teach you what can be improved.

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22 12, 2012

The Night Before Cornucopia’s Christmas


It’s been a wee bit busy here at Cornucopia Central these past few weeks. I saw the newsletters mounting up in my own inbox. I decided the very BEST ADVICE I could give my readers for the end of the year was: (drumroll, please!)

Relax! Let your brain rest before tackling the New Year round of setting new goals, creating new strategies and employing new tactics to achieve those goals.

After all, the world didn’t […]
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8 08, 2012

12 TIPS for Creating Great Brochures

R Cornucopia Image
Here are a dozen quick tips to ensure your product or services brochure has everything you need, everything your prospects want, and makes it a breeze to close the sale:
~ 1 ~
Determine your specific target market you aim to sell to with this brochure before any other considerations.
~ 2 ~
Create a plan to distribute your […]
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8 02, 2012

4 Easy Steps to Engage Prospects



“Engage!” was the command provided each week by Capt. Jean-Luc Picard in the Star Trek: The Next Generation series. So often intoned, it could be heard around water coolers everywhere back in the day.

Why? It spoke to hope. It was the promise of exploration, finding something new, our endless curiosity and a subtle message that we were along for the ride. Everyone loves adventure!

(If you weren’t or aren’t a Trekkie, this command was used as a replacement for […]

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21 12, 2011

‘Twas The Night Before Cornucopia’s Christmas


Here’s a minor detour from the usual newsletter content this week. A very big ‘thank you’ to you for reading this little missive. A very big ‘thank you’ to my lovely clients. I hope you have a fabulous Christmas and New Year’s. I’m very grateful to all my readers and customers. And you’ll find a little surprise at the end of this ditty. So be sure to scroll down to the end! ~ Marcia


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28 10, 2011

Is There Truth in Your Advertising?


Spencers Pulomic Elixir

“100% Guaranteed!”

“Make $1 Million in 10 Days!”

“Instantly Cures Baldness”

These promises in advertising have been around for …well… as long as there have been snake oil salesmen.

Most don’t buy into it. Of course, if you don’t know the claims an ad makes are too far fetched to be true, you might buy it in the hope it will solve your problem. Hence, the […]

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21 09, 2011

Why Going Negative Can Boost Your Sales


Money Down the Drain
Shhhhhhh! Don’t tell! I was wrong!

For years I was taught never to use a negative in writing copy about a product’s or service’s benefits. Writing that last sentence alone made my head spin. Words like don’t, never, not, negative, nothing and wrong were banished from my copywriting vocabulary.

What’s so bad about these words? (See? Bad is one of those negative words too!)

The Effects of Bad Words

Let’s […]

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21 07, 2011

Would You Like a Magic Wand?


Hour Glass Image

Have you ever wished you could go around to each of your clients with a magic wand and Boom! You strike them on the head and suddenly they know each and every wonderful thing (read: benefit) about your product or service?

That’s how I felt yesterday morning.

The Plan

I was one of two speakers for a seminar on Email Marketing Best Practices. The room was packed. We had a […]

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13 07, 2011

Tips on Readability


The readability of the content you’ve spent so much time (and/or money) writing can be wasted if it’s difficult to read. Here are 11 tips to increase readability on your site:

11 Typesetting Rules to Bear in Mind

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12 05, 2011

Wine Slogans

Goats Do Roam Wine Label
I only chose the Goats Do Roam photo because, like Erté, I appreciate a bit of whimsy too! I’m not out to offend anyone in the wine industry by shredding their slogans. (We all play in the same sandbox, er, tank…per se!) But capturing the essence of your business (in this case the wine business) in one, simple slogan […]
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